Roc Royal Love Story;)

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“No please stop, I promise I will never do it again Please just stop!” I pleaded as my Father hit once more with the metal part of his belt. “I swear if you attempt that again im hit you so hard!” He yelled. “Y-Y-Yes s-s-sir” I sniffed. He walked off putting on his belt and tossing my now crushed phone in to the trash. I sighed in relief that he was gone. I slowly got up and peaked out the window to see if all the police equipment was gone. Thats the reason he beat me. I told the police that he was beating me, I showed them buries and scars but some how he convinced them that I was lying. My entire life has been off track since my Mom died, Its been 5 years my dad’s beaten me since the day after her funeral. He raped me twice. When I was 13 and then just a few few weeks again. He only does that when hes drunk and im home. I stay away as much as I can. I didnt want to come home a few weeks ago but i needed somethings. “Its getting late, You oughta get some sleep now you got school in the morning!” My dad yelled from his room. “Okay..” schools no better Im bullied there by Lura Dalls and her crew. Shes the most popular girl dating the most popular boy, Roc. Hes so beautiful, Head of the football team, hes sw- Hol’ Hol’ Hol’ up whoa Dere! I’d NEVER have a chance with him! Why am I even thinking bout him? " I DO NOT HEAR ANY FOOT STEPS GOING TO YOUR ROOM YOUNG LADY DO I NEED TO COME DOWN THERE!?!?" My dad yelled. " No sir, Im going right now" I got up and dashed to my room. I climbed into my small bed and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Next Day Pink shirt, Black hoodie, blue jeans, and a pair of old nikes. My everyday style, I try to go unnoticed at school. Makes my whole life a little bit better. “Come on Kayla!, your gonna miss the bus!” My dad yelled. it seems like he always is… “Coming now!” I ran down the stair with a beat, when i reached the bottom of the steeps i grabbed my bag, went outside and walked down the street to my bus stop. There’s a few other kids how get on from where I do. Jayla James, Kimberley Gates and Lauren Neal. They are also some of Lura’s daily Victims, Jayla used to be apart of her crew she got kicked out when Lura saw her hugging Roc. Ever since then shes been on my status but not as low. After 10 minutes the bus finally came. I sat alone on the back of the bus,,, as always. We stopped at 3 other stops then we come to our school, Johnson Blur High, I love it here, they have great Extra classes there that give you great credit to colleges! The only thing thats makes it bad is Lura but I try my HARDEST to avoid her, But some how it seems like we always see it other. When I got off the bus, I saw Lura ughh she was in her pink range rover with her Boyfriend, Roc. I kinda stared until I caught eye contact with Roc. He waved, I quickly looked away and went into the school. “Miss. Tyler, Please take off your hood.” Mrs. Jane said as I entered the school. I never liked her and she never liked me no matter how good I was in class. “Yes Ma’am” I said while taking off my hood. She fake smiled and turned to walk away. I shook my hood and walked to my locker. I was like the only kid who had a locker by the streaming room in my school other than Zack Lyan, He’s one of Lura’s clones. Sometimes I feel like the teachers dislike me too. Like how am I the only one who has a locker over here? The only reason Zack is back here is because he was new this year! Ugh, My life is just full of fuckery.. “um Hay Kayla..” A voice called from behind me. I turned around, It was Zack. “What do you want?” I replied. “What, I cant just talk to you?” “No, U havent talked to me since Lura made you one of her clones!” " Well" “Well what?” “I just wanted to talk…” He licked his lips and started walking toward me, I backed up as he got closer. “W-W-What do you wanna talk about?” I questioned him. “About us..” I backed up until I hit the door for the streaming room and Zack was right in front of me. " Us?" “Yeah, us.” He started leaning in, I didnt know what do. Believe him or Not. But he was making it seems so real and I did kinda like him so I did what any other girl would do. I closed my eyes and waited for our lips to meet.Then “BAM” Instead of feeling his lips I felt a creaming like texture on my face. I whipped my eyes then looked at my hands. Zack had just smashed a a whipped cream pie in my face. The laughter of Lura and her clones soon filled the air around me then the rest of the school. Great all of this before school? Why me thou?.. I saw Roc standing next Lura, He wasnt laughing instead he had a serious look on his face. I looked at him and he mouth something. I couldnt make it out because of the blur in my eyes from my tears. I quickly bumped passed everyone to get to the lady’s bathroom. I ran in and locked the door behind me. I cried as I looked into the mirror. I turned the water on and cleaned my face. I looked into the mirror and thought why?. “DING DING DING” Oh No! That was the bell for first period. I quickly grabbed my books and dashed for the door. There was no one in the halls which made it easier for me to run. While I was running I bumped in to someone and my books fell out of my hands and onto the ground. I hit the ground with a loud “Thud”. " Oh im soo sorry let me help you!" I didnt even bother to look up, i was only worried about getting to class. I picked up 2 of my books an stood up. The guy picked up the others. When he handed them to me i realized that it was Roc. I stood there in shock. “Im sorry again, Whats your name?” He said “Why would you want to know my name?” I asked sadly “I would want to know the name of any beautiful I came by..” I blushed. “Pft, You wouldnt want to be seen with me plus your kinda messing with me avoiding your girl if she sees me with you she will never leave me alone, Im sorry i have to go” I turned to walk away but he grabbed my arm. “But shes no where around…” “My names Kayla” I looked down. "Well My Nam- “DING DING” he was interrupted by the tardy bell, GREAT! “Look it was nice talking but i gotta get to class! bye!” I said while running in the other direction…. -That’s the End of part one! I hope you liked it.. Follow Me On Twitttteeerrr ! @ILYAfroPuff <--That Might Be Changed Soon. But I Promise This Story Is Gonna Be Short But Have Long Chapters(;

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