Imagine for Danica: Break up/make up: cute

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I just stared at the magazine in my fragile, pale hands, I cant believe Justin would do this to me, my watery eyes went down to the article, it read:

Justin Bieber was seen with a Victoria secret model earlier on in the week, they were caught chatting, holding hands and walking out of Starbucks together.

Where is Danica? are they still together? Does she know? Is Justin cheating?  

I just couldn't hold in the tears any more, they just kept coming and it was like there was no end to them.

Justin is at the studio now working on a new album and I bet he doesn't know that I know.

When he comes back there is going to be trouble.

I plopped down on the couch and plugged in my head phones, listening to die in your arms, although I shouldn't I just have to it makes me feel loved and protected, Justin wrote it for me and performed it to me while he was on tour.

My red swelled eyes became heavy and I went into a deep sleep, forgetting the whole world.

Later on in the night:

I was lifted my strong muscular arms, my eyes fluttered open and I saw Justin, he carried me up the stairs and put me on my bed, I shifted and sat up, "Hey, you were sleeping when I got in so I carried you up here." Said Justin. I didn't respond, I just looked at him and my eyes began to water, Justin cam and wrapped his arms around me, "What's wrong?" He asked, kind on concerned. "Don't touch me I replied, quickly pushing his arms of me, "What's wrong" He asked. I ran down stairs into the kitchen, Justin followed behind.

"Okay, Danica, your really scaring me, what's wrong." He asked again.

"Y-y you cheated on me Justin." He looked at me confused and he hung his head low, "Danica, look -" I cut him ok, "Don't say your sorry, because if you were you would not of done it in the first place." I began to walk upstairs sobbing, with Justin chasing after me. I entered our bedroom and began to pack everything that I needed as I did, Justin was taking it out and coming up with all different excuses.

"Danica STOP." Said Justin tears welling up in his eyes, I did and he stared at me and began to lean in to kiss me, it took all my will power not to kiss him, "Justin don't, you can't just kiss me and expect me to forget everything." I began to sob again, "I'm so sorry Danica, it was a mistake and I shouldn't of done it," He replied, "Then why did you?" I asked. "I wasn't thinking." He said back. "More like you wasn't thinking about me." I replied and began to pack my stuff again and once I did I began to walk down stairs.

"Danica, please give me another chance, I love you, please don't break us apart." He said through tears. I looked into his eyes and said, "No Justin you are the one breaking us apart by cheating on me with a Victoria secret model, what am I not good enough for you?" I asked. "You are perfect and I am the imperfect on, I shouldn't have done it." Replied Justin. Tears were streaming down my face, "Please don't leave." Said Justin as I began to walk to my car in the driveway. I turned around, "I'm sorry Justin but I just can't trust you." And I began to walk to my car with tears down my face, looking like a mess.

"Danica, I love you so so so much and I will never ever hurt you again, I promise from now on I will be one hundred per cent honest with you, I love you, please come back to me, I'll never ever do anything like this again." Pleaded Justin, he was on his hands and knees, I grabbed my bag and began to walk back to him, I got down on my knees next to him and said, "Does this answer your question?" And I kissed hi on the lips, he kissed back, and said. "I'll take that as a yes, I'm so so so sorry I will never ever do this to you again, I love you." Justin mumbled against my lips, "I love you to."  I replied and I never regretted it again.


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