A week had passed by for the family and they were finally able to get his body so the funeral was being planned. Draco and Hermione began the plans but the moment they stepped foot inside the funeral home to pick out the casket they broke down and were hysterical. After several long moments of tears they ended up picking a white one.

Today was the day of the funeral and Hermione was dressed in a silk black floor length dress, her two daughters dressed similiar and Draco himself was dressed in a black suit. Hermione had her hair hanging in long curtains framing her face but did well to make sure her daughters hair were in buns. Just like Draco she had a hankerchief handy as the two seemed to break into tears whenever their minds were not busy.

It was a rainy day which seemed to add to the already sadden and depressed day that was to come. The family of four headed to Malfoy Manor where every Malfoy for as long back as it could be noted was buried. The Malfoy Graveyard had its own area and was even fenced in. All the headstones were placed like a family tree with those of each individual generation having there own row. They went on forever in the third row to the front was Draco's grandparents and in front of theirs was Draco's mother and father who's untimely death was the most selfless act they had ever done during their lifetime. In front of them was what would be the next generation of Malfoys. Hermione's headstone was beside Draco's and their kids following after. The only headstone with two dates and an inscription was Scorpius' as he was the only one of the current generation that was dead.

The Malfoy graveyard was magical and it did everything on its own. Whenever a new generation was being formed it would bring forward the head of the generation. When new children were born their headstones appeared with their date of birth and a magically engraved portrait of what they look like, the portrait constantly updates and even moves like a real magical picture. It normally mimicks what the person is doing at all times and freezes on the image they had when they died. Also at death a second date is added and an inscription that is made that normally describes the most general thing about the person.

Draco and Hermione stood before their sons grave and wiped tears as they stared down at was they knew to be their son Scorpius, his portrait showed him sleeping. Hermione took in a rugged breath before she began reading the inscription under his portrait. As Hermione read it she realized it wasn't something simple like inscribed on her in-laws graves which just said simple things like 'There is always light in the dark' and 'Like always she protected her son'; Scorpius' told a short story.

Humble like your mother you left this world with no complaints. The one moment where he was able to be coherent  he was in the greatest of pain. Staring out his window he saw the sunny day. Smiling he croaked in his weak voice 'What a great day to be alive'. Outside he could hear his sisters laughter and didn't complain about not being able to join them, instead he was thankful that he was able to be alive and hear them. Scorpius pulled his stuffed dragon into his arms and slowly closed his eyes smiling. Some how he knew this was it and welcomed what was to come. I forgive you dad he whispered before his last breath rattled out of his chest.

Draco broke into tears as he finished reading the headstone. He couldn't believe that in his sons last moments he was thinking about him. Before they could come to their senses and realize that there was anyone else around Hermione and Draco cried till they couldn't cry no more. Soon after the funeral began.

Fred and his wife Fluer and their daughter were there, all dressed in black. Even in this dreadful depressing color Fluer was radiant in her beauty and so was their daughter. Beside them was Harry and Luna, both of them were cradled together as Harry was holding his daughter Illumina Lily Potter. She was a cute little thing with her green eyes and pale hair. Just like her mother she had mini features giving a promising innocent look that just like her mother would carry on into her adult years. Luna for the first time in her life was crying in front of the crowd. This was a shock to her husband Harry who had never seen the emotional side of Luna since she was normally cheery and complacent.

Amongst the rest of the crowd were the Weasley's, Ministry co-workers, students from his school and a few teachers here and there, Severus being one of them. He was accompanied by a tall black haired woman whose facial features mimicked his so well, she was a bit round around the middle which could only mean one thing.

Soon as every was settled in marched several aurors carrying the white casket through the crowed towards the point of the ceremony. Carefully they set it down and stepped back before bowing and making white sparks come from the ends of their wands. Slowly but in unison they rose their wands above their heads before they lowered it over their heart. Slowly they turned and moved to the back.

Hermione broke into tears again as she watched the aurors finish their send off. This was the first time that an auror had done this at a funeral that wasn't for another fellow auror. Knowing this Draco bowed his head gratefully as tears streamed down his face. He pulled Hermione closer to him and wrapped his arms securly around her.

"I would've taken his spot if I could have" He whispered into her ear.

She looked at Draco before she broke into more tears. This day was too much for Hermione as along with the funeral she had found the real reason of her sons death. Her son had died because his body was rejecting the magic and trying to kill it off as if it was a foreign disease. Because the magic was part of his blood cells his body began killing them off, slowly but surely this brought about his untimely death. The disease was only a risk for those that had ancestors that had married inside their own family for several generations and then married out of it. It was rare because practically every inbred family carries the gene but it only becomes dangeous when mixed with muggle born genes this brings it to life but only in the bodies of the males, the females are unable to carry the disease gene and are completely unaffected.

"I should've been the one to die, it was my gene's that killed him" Hermione sobbed. "I killed my son."

The rain began to die down as the end of the funeral came to an end. Everyone moved forward to say their final goodbyes to Scorpius before placing a single flower amongst his chest. By the end of the goodbyes there were so many flowers that they had to be removed and set off to the side. Last was the Malfoy families turn. The two girls went forward. Livelex placed a picture of the three siblings together beside him and Avril placed a replica of his stuffed dragon in his arms since the other was unable to be moved because of the permanent sticking charm. The two girls kissed their brothers corpse and then turned to head towards the house.

Draco and Hermione moved forward and they hesitated before they knelt down beside his body.

"Mommy and daddy love you so much." Hermione began. "You don't have to worry anymore, or be in pain my strong man. You can rest." Hermione finished in a choppy voice before she got to her feet carefully and walked into the house.

Draco pulled from his pocket a small ring that had a green emerald letter 'M' in the middle. Draco had gotten his very own when he turned 11 and started Hogwarts. The ring itself was supposed to be Scorpius' when he began his first year at Hogwarts with his sister Livelex. Now under the current circumstances he would never get to walk through the doors of Hogwarts. A tear slipped from his eyes and fell on the pale white perfectly preserved skin of his son. Slowly he placed the ring on his sons finger and watched as it magically adjusted itself to fit his tiny finger. Placing his hand over his sons which were clasped together over his chest he took a deep breath and got to his feet.

The moment he took a step back a wizard waved his wand and the casket closed. Slowly it began lowering itself into the ground before it was sealed with dirt and covered with grass. The mound of flowers that they had moved to the side was arranged in a large boquet and set at the head of the grave.

Draco turned and placed his arms around Hermione and they headed into the house. Hermione was still in tears as she laid down in bed that night beside Draco. Her arms automatically wrapped around her stomach as she continued crying. She feared the worst for the unborn infant son that was growing in her stomach. Sensing what she was thinking Draco moved close to Hermione and wrapped his arm around her.

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