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It's been two days since the kiss and I still haven't forgot every details and memory of it. The unimaginable feeling of how amazing it felt, causing me to twist once in a while.  I rolled around in my own bed, because of my endless thoughts and the fact that I just can't sleep.


Every step I go, the kiss will replay in my mind, causing my lack of concentration at everything, especially work. But that was not just the problem. When we went back to the apartment that day he stayed for 2 hours, even though we were just staring at each other in the living room. Waiting for the reporters to go, after a while they eventually dispersed.

On his intense 2 hours stay, he took my phone and saved his number in exchange for mine. I didn't disagree, because I know what will happen if I say no or if I push him away. Not that I was complaining, the last time I did that; I got the most breathtaking kiss. 

He doesn't want me to tell him what to do. Controlling freak I tell ya.

Ever since, he's been calling me nonstop, I never reply to any of them. I really wanted to end things, what ever was happening. A toy for the rich player was not something I plan on being. Not today, not ever.

"Are you okay Mel?" Thalia grabbed a chair and sat next to me. Her arms were lying on my desk, as she watched me intensely. 

She kept on apologizing nonstop about what happen. It started to feel a bit annoying. On the other hand, I've kept apologizing to Enrico, for running on him. He said he was disappointed, but I tried to explain what happen yet he still was distant to me. I'm sure he would come around.


"Sorry," I gasp, "What, did you say something?" My eyebrows furrowed into a deep frown, as I realized how zoned out I've been lately. People were bound to feel suspicious, so I tried to remove the perplex look on my face.

Thalia pats my back, "It's going to be okay-"

Before she could finish her sentence of encouragement, my phone broke my once again attempt at concentration. I looked at it once, to know it was Jesse Blue. My hand hesitated, before I ignored it.

"Jesse Blue?" Thalia smirks.

"Yeah," a sigh escape my lips, as I leaned helplessly back on my chair.

"Pick it up then."

"What? "No!". I feel bad especially after he saved my life, but I really don't want anything to do with this man. Instead my solution is to ignore him, he will eventually leave, but so far it hasn't been working.

" I told you, I don't want anything to do with him."

"But he's cute," Thalia nagged. I sent her an angry glare, and her lips purse into a grim line.

I shook my head in disbelieve.

Bang! A loud thud hit my table and my eyes looked down at the bandaged hand slamming on my table. I gulp; afraid of looking at the man who was radiating heat towards me, and trust me it's not a good kind of heat. 

My papers, including a broken vase were on the floor. Thalia screeches off my desk and ran away.

Thank you best friend.

I tense when Jesse looked at me with pure rage. His breathing was harsh and his nostrils flare. He looked hot though, and not just because he was boiling with anger.

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