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The Day It All Fell Apart: 3 September 2016 Monday Morning 9:30 am

"Cale...Caleb" I said dizzily as I blinked my eyes in order to focus my vision, I felt movement to the right of me and saw Ana coming to her senses.

"Ana are you alright"

"wha-what happened?" She tried to undo her seatbelt but failed for it was stuck.

"I don't know, I just remember screaming coming from the front and then Cale-" I paused and turned my head to the left and saw my brother on the floor and Tommy face down in the seat.

"Cale...Caleb!" I nudged him with my foot and after that he slowly stirred from the floor. I sighed in relief and began to fumble with my seatbelt.

"Ow what the bloody hell" I watched as Cale sat up holding his head.

"Caleb are you okay" I finally got my seatbelt undone and kneeled in the aisle next to him.

"My head...I think I just hit it...hard" He rubbed the back of his head in pain.

"Well that's what you get for not wearing your seatbelt" I smirk and he looks at me rolling his eyes but chuckles.

"Not funny"

"Guys sorry to interrupt but I'm stuck, Sarah and Tommy are still unconscious" Ana says waving her hands. 

"Yea sorry Ana" I get up and try fumbling with her seatbelt.

"Stop try to see if you can Sarah, I'm fine" I nod and scoot in the tiny space and try to get Sarah to become conscious.


"Tommy dude are you okay...wake up man" I turn him so he's facing the ceiling and check to see if he was breathing. Low pulse that's good. I grab my backpack and pull out a water bottle and pour the water on his face.

I almost jumped for joy as Tommy then sat up clutching his chest.

"Dude wha-what...why am I wet?" Tommy turns towards me as he wipes his face.

"Tommy I thought you were dead"

"Dead...what happened to the bus are we in a building?" He looks out the window to see that we were indeed in a building probably like a corner store.

"Hey guys I can't seem to get Sarah to wake up" I look over and see Cole patting Sarah's face.

"Here let me see" I switch places with Cole and start to check if she has a pulse.

"Is she dead?" I hear Tommy kneeling on the seat behind me.

"No she has a very light pulse and she's very pale...I wonder?" To confirm my thoughts I carefully tilted her head and almost puked.

"Oh god"

"What what?!!" Ana twists her body in the seat to get a better look.

"She has pieces of glass pierced in her upper shoulder she seems to be loosing blood"

"Take it out then"

"I can't at least not right now I don't know if the glass cut an important artery or something"

"What do we do Caleb?" I turn to Cole and open my mouth to speak when a very weak cry for help comes from the front of the bus.

"Tommy see if you can get Ana's belt off and Cole and I will check on the students in the front"

"You guys keep an eye on Sarah make sure shes upright" Cole says over her shoulder as she makes her way to the front.


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