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Got a little bored and I realized when you read a book about vampire's drinking blood they always describe the scene as intense and sexual so I wondered how it would look if I wrote wampire sex and blood drinking. Please don't judge me; I just think really crazy stuff when I get bored so now i'm turning my curiosity into a story.WHICH MEANS YOU HAVE TO COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK WHEN YOU"RE FINISHED!!!!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!


Dedication goes to Shaninn for her super awesome cover!!!!


She couldn't seem to let him go and he wouldn't dare let her loose from his embrace. He had her pressed hard against the wall, her long legs wrapped tightly around his muscular torso and his mouth drank in her full ones. She had no idea why she was drawn to this tall, dark stranger, but she didn't want to let go. Her body had responded so hungrily to his and his hands were ravenous upon her flesh.

Raven had just met him not even two minutes before but as soon as her eyes her eyes landed on his, she was hot. So hot and so wet. She suddenly wanted to snatch off every piece of her clothing and rip his to shreds as well. His eyes were dark and mysterious; gazing into her soul and pulling her in deeper. And deeper they became.

His embrace tightened on her and instead of crying out in pain from his tight hold, she was arching her back, trying desperately to get closer. Snatching his shirt off as he ground his hips into hers. They ignored the fact that there was a room full of people right next to the one they had so clumsily fell into when their passionate kissing started. They ignored the loud music but were grateful for the volume because it was drowning out her hungry moans and his guttural growling.

Finally rid of the clothes that seemed to burn and cling to their skin, Trent's mouth fell straight to Raven, soft and supple breast. She hissed as his mouth took her right nipple into his mouth. His right hand grabbed and pinched and stroked her left nipple and his left hand traveled to her awaiting pussy that was dripping in delight. He slipped a finger inside her burning, wet core and her head lolled back as she hissed his name. Her hands pulled at his long hair, pulling his head between her breasts even farther and grinding her pussy into his finger, begging for more.

He moaned at the sound of her moans and happily complied, slipping another finger inside of her. Her body shook in delight and one of her hands left his curls and traveled along his muscular abdomen, straight to his protruding dick. She began to stroke his length at a steady pace and he hissed into her skin and she felt his sharp teeth began to lengthen against her skin. She smiled and she felt her own teeth lengthen in hunger and excitement.

"Fuck..." he whispered. He let her body slide to the ground just so he could wrap his arms tightly around her waist and lay her flat down on to the lushly carpeted floor. She writhed at his fiery touch and moved her body upward and relentlessly, in search of his. She wanted him inside of her and she wanted him there now. She wanted to feel his huge, pulsating dick inside her tight walls and she had no problem screaming his name as he sank her teeth into her flesh and drank.

He smiled because he could practically read the thought traveling through her mind on her face. He couldn't wait to oblige her because he wanted her to drink from him as well he wanted his blood on her tongue just as his name crossed he lips. Tired of only thinking about the moment to come, he shifted his body over her and plunged deep into her. She cried out in ecstasy and then sank her teeth right into the space between his head and shoulder. He hissed again and quickened his pace, biting into her soft flesh in return.