My Soft Poems

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I decided to publish this, this is all my poems since i got into writing them a few months back. I do hope this gets somewhere, becuase i am sorely tired of hearing that I needed to publish this. So here yall are, I hope yall like it! Oh, and some of these arent named, just to tell yall!

The Silver Orb

The silver orb,

Glowing above the emerald masses.

The whispers through the rustling branches.

The scarlet pool,shining in the semi-darkness,

Filling the air with it's sickly-sweet scent.

Like a lover holding his new found love,

Does her life stick to the hardened ground.

The ground, that has stayed underneath her,

Solid and steady, untill her last dying breath was taken.

From her lover's kiss good bye,

Does she spill the blood of her own,

To die a lonely death,

To start her world again.

Witches Play


The Silver Orb

A Samhain night

The perfect ritual

A couple of good freinds

Is all we need

To have a little fun.

The huge bonfires

A couple of drinks

The godess' blessing

A couple of good freinds

Is all we need

to be a little happy.

No haters near

Great freinds close

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