Falling into temptation

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*Graphic material not suitable for all viewers*

*Two months later*


    I was working when someone called my name. I couldn't see their face behind flowers. I turned and  saw Devlin pull them down revealing her face. I smile.

"Hey hey hey" she says.

"I just thought I would do pick these up and show my woman how special she is" Devlin says. I blush.

"Thank you" I say. Devlin and I have been dating for about a month and a half. She's a sweet girl. 

"Thank you babe" I smile and hug her. She's shorter than me I'm 5'6 she's 5'4.

"You welcome beautiful can I steal you for lunch" She asks,

"Yeah that's fine"I say. I find my boss and say I'm going to lunch, he nods. Neil is pretty chill, now when Kennedy is here she is queen of the bitches. I follow Devlin out.

    We pull up at her house. I'm confused.

"I cooked ma" she says.

"Oh" I say. I didn't know she lived alone.

"I live with my sister but she's at work." she says. We go inside and she brings out food.

   After we finish eating we actually start making out. I'm okay with her feeling on my breast and thighs. But then she starts going down my pants.

"Baby no" I say while she's kissing my neck. She does it again.

"Stop it Devlin." I say pushing her off me.

"Wait, what, why?" She says.

"I have some things I haven't told you and until I feel comfortable telling you I don't want to go that far baby" I say looking down. 

"I'm sorry" She says. I look up she looks sincere.  I smile.

"Can I still kiss you" she asks.

"Yeah you can"  I say.

         *week later*

   I was at Casey's house and in the room. Bailey took Yevonny again.  I was getting dressed about to take a walk to get out the house. I slip into black shorts and a blue crop top then followed by come matching shoes that Casey got me. I let my hair down and put in my nose piercing and my tattoos showed. I had and a eyebrow piercing.

"Jezzy?" I hear Casey knock.

"Yeah" I say.

"You busy?" She asks coming in.

"Good I wanna take you somewhere" she says.

"Okay" I say and walk out. I get in the car. We pull up to a sexy house. A white house two stories big front yard porch and a stone walk way. I smile.

"Saw this house already furnished."  Casey says. I walk inside its hardwood floors, high ceilings, fire place, open concept. The living room has couch with green pillows, warm green walls. I went to the kitchen granite counter tops, stainless appliances. There was a island in the middle. I find the fridge filled with food. I see the stairs and I walk up to see three bedrooms. The first bedroom had  large closet and a window with white walls, a simple full size bed with a grey comforter. The wall were lined with little carve. There hardwood floors there too. The bathroom was full but across from the first room. The bathroom had pretty black and white theme. The floors were so pretty they were white as well. The bathtub and shower were just a beautiful they had black curtains. I walk back to the second room and it was paint blue with a crib and car toys stacked up on a self. I would be perfect for Yevonny.  I was loving this house. His closet was a walk in filled with clothes and shoes.

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