For all those lost, and gone too soon.(A Poem)

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(Okay, so i've kinda been debaiting about putting this one up here, it being something i'm kinda emotionally attached to and all, but i think it might have somewhat of a similer meaning to people that've gone through somewhat of the same thing that made me write it in the first place, so i decided to post it,  hope you like it.) 

You rest in our hearts

even though we've had to part

and you remain in out memories;

you were there from the very start.

And as you rest you're dreaming

of a place where peace and harmony meet.

But as you dream remember

that though you're far away

we will never forget you,

not even for a single second of our day.

Someday we'll meet again

in that place of which you dream

were our happiness wont be nearly as fleeting as it now may seem.

So sleep well dear one in knowing that our time apart wont last that long

and soon we'll be together,

as it you where never gone. 

*To the sweetest little boy in the world, love your aunt Billie*

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