Torture- Dedicated to her

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Behind the smile

Behind the eyes

I see the sadness

I see through your lies

The pain and hurt

Too much to bear

I see the struggle

You know that i care

Filling with anger

Shouldn't be fate

Seeing this happen

It fills me with hate

Your heart is good

You're always so sweet

I can tell you anything

I'm glad we had the chance to meet

I'm begging you silently

Begging you please

He's really not worth it

No more than a tease

You're falling apart

We both know it's true

Your tears fall so softly

It's killing me too

You know that we love you

And you're more than you think

So stop your self torture

Before our hearts sink

I love you fille, you just don't realize how much you mean to me and seeing what he does to you... I hate it. And I know you probably won't see this but he'll leave. He got what he wanted...

Written 9/2/09


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