Chapter 51

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I woke up feeling very nervous. Tomorrow will be Monday and I have to sign in at Juilliard. They will interview everyone who is auditioning tomorrow also. I'm nervous because what if they don't like me before I even get to dance. What if they already think I can't dance because I haven't taken part in any competitions. I am a cheerleader after all.

Calm down Briar everything is going to be alright, you just need to relax ok. Take deep breaths in and out then you should be alright. I took my own advice and I felt more relaxed.

I got out of bed and I put my fluffy bunny slippers on. I walked out my room and went to the kitchen. I saw my dad talking on the phone.

''Yes mom she's alright. Just a little sad about what happened with her boyfriend...... No mom you can't hit the boy this was one big misunderstanding and when I find out who did this to my bunny I will personally pay that person a visit..... No mom you can't come with to hit the person, you're not young anymore.... No I'm not calling you old.... Mom! I didn't need to know what you and dad still do in bed to know that you are not old.''

I giggled, when ever my dad and his siblings say nana and pa are old they say they can still throw down under the bed covers so they aren't old. That information makes them wine because no one needed to know that.

My dad must have heard me giggle because he turned around and he looked a little embarrassed I that heard him.

''Mom ok you're not old ok. Now Briar is standing right in front of me if you want to talk to her. Ok I will give her the phone. Bye. Love you too.

Then he handed the phone to me. ''Hello nana.''

''Hello Briar! I heard you are auditioning for Juilliard.''

''Yes nana. Tomorrow I have an interview with them and then Tuesday I will be doing a solo and then I will hear on Thursday morning the results of who is in or out.''

''Oh I know you are going to get in! Your grandfather says so too!''

''So how is pa doing nana?''

''He's alright. We heard what happened to you and we are sorry that someone would do something so terrible to you it sickens me.''

''Yeah, well I'm alright my focus is on getting into Juilliard now.''

''We're all cheering for you! And no matter what we are here for you.''

''Ok nana.''

''Ok well I should say my goodbyes so you can have breakfast ok.''

''Ok nana, love you and tell pa I love him too. I will see you guys for Christmas ok.''

''Ok, love you too and good luck.''

''Thanks bye.''


I put down the phone and I gave the phone back to my dad.

''So bunny what do you want for breakfast now that I don't have to work today?'' My dad said and I knew just what I wanted for breakfast.

''Mmm, your famous omelettes! I haven't had those in ages!'' I exclaimed.

''I knew you were going to say that.''

After those amazing omelettes I went back to my room. I plugged in my headphones into my phone and I listened to the song that I'm going to dance to. I just did light movement around my room making sure I remember my solo.

Jessy was right this song really lets me put my emotions and feelings into this dance. The music just flows through me.


So I'm going over these photos now for I don't know how many times , but now something caught my eye. I zoomed in on the left arm of the girl and I saw a something there. It could be a tattoo and I know Briar doesn't have a tattoo.

All I need to do is clear the image but I'm not that advanced at doing that but I know someone that can help.

I picked up my phone and scrolled for the familiar name and I clicked the call button.

''Hello.'' I heard him say.

''Emmet it's Ethan here and I need your advanced skills with something.''

''Sure. What can I help you with?'' He asked.

So what do you think? I decided to include Emmet , Sara's boyfriend from the airport.

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