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Pen Your Pride

Let's met Trump...

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America: *rocking himself back and forth*

Germany: *patting his shoulder* it's okay... I've elected bad leaders too...

America: w-well... let's meet the guy.....

Trump: *walks in slowly* Where's China?

America: ...oh... god...

China: Mr. Trump stfu aru, you're annoying and irritating and I could bankrupt you're entire country if I even said "I want my money back aru." So I'd advise you to go away and leave me be.

Trump: See! This is what I'm talking about!! China China China!! That's the reason why I'm gonna make America great again! Now where is my country?

America: *hiding behind Germany*

Trump: America come out, I'm gonna be the best leader yet!

America: *trying not to scream*

Russia: *points to Germany* he's behind him da?

America: NOOO!!!!

Trump: *pulls America out from behind Germany* America! I'm gonna make you great again!! *starts to drag America out of the room*

America: *utter sobbing while his nails leave marks on the floor* CANADA HELP ME!! I SHOULD'VE NEVER LEFT IGGY!!! SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!!

Russia: kolkolkolkolkolkolkol

Putin: *taps Ivan's shoulder*

Russia: Ahh! Oh...privet boss ...

Putin: Let's go.

Russia: da......


China: Well, that's those two out of my way... let's take back what's mine!!

Japan: .... *slaps China* Īe.

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