what a cruel life !

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POV Lane :
An open mind
Staring at the mirror the same mirror that had been with me all my life , that had assisted to all my happy and sad moments , that had witnessed all my life changes.
I kept gazing at my face features but what I was staring at was my soul .
All i see now in my behaviour is a girl who can't see the beautiful side of life . Plenty of bad ideas had gathered in my mind. I don't know anymore what i must do or mustn't ,every thing in my life take a shape of a reminder and show me that i must live alone and unhappy until the last day of my life . I know that you readers are quite curious to know my story well ,i'll tell you !

First of all my name is Lane,I'm about seventeen years old, my hair is midnight-black and it flowed over my shoulders, I have honey sweet lips and I've got what they call a ladylike personnality I don't have any friend because I don't trust people.

For my clothes, I usually wear gothic clothes in a rebellious way.

My story's started in new york where I was born , my parents died last year in a car crush . I didn't cry or shout or grieve , I stayed indifferent about their death , don't judge me as a heartless ,they had never treat me tenderly like all the parents ,their family disliked me too exept my aunt who was tender and really gentle ,after two monthes of my parent's death she told me that i was just adopted ,i blamed her for hidding this secret from me but she explained that she knew it by coincidence the day that they died.

I think now their cruel behaviour is justified , I 'm just a stranger for them ,but may be after all I'm happy and that excited me to find my real parents .

After 15 days of searching,I didn't find anything about my real parents exept that my biological father has got a noticeable scare on his face .

I just wanted to know why they gave me to this heartless couple may be this will stay an endless mystery for me . now I 'm living with my aunt (the sister of my adopted father ) named Healen , I travelled from NY to LA because even we're not relatives , she's so kind to me and in the other hand , I hadn't a choice I am a homeless teenager .

I believe that this will be a new beginning of my life ,and I will leave behind me all this sadness to succeed my last year of high school .


I know this is a short chapter but I just want that you my sweeties get excited about the following and I hope that you give me you're opinion about that so :

*/do you want short or long chapter ??

and what do you expect ! will Lane figure out the mystery of her biological parents ??

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