M: Angel, ye tum kya kar rhi ho? (All the servants were beyond shock because firstly, manik was smiling and was present in the kitchen and secondly, he addressed nandini as an angel because till now, he never called anyone with any other name except their real name not even alia. He never called her with any lovey dovey names though Alia used to call him baby but he never did any that sort of thing but nanidni made him completely a different person. He addressed nandini not with any lovey dovey name but with the name which hold the most purest feeling, Angel: a gift of god, whom god send to fulfill the wishes and bring happiness in one's life. Nandini is truly a blessing in manik's life.)

N: Manik, m tumhare liye breakfast bana rahi hoon.

M: Arey, par tum ye akeli kyun kar rahi ho?

N: Manik, m tumhare liye itna bhi nhi kar sakti? M tumhari kitchen mein kaam bhi nhi kar sakti? (Nandini became sad and manik felt guilty of making his angel sad though he didn't want to and he immediately cups nandini's face and made her look into his eyes.)

M: Hey, hey angel, mera matlab vo nhi tha. Maine abhi tumhe kaha tha na thodi der pehle ki tumhara pura haq h mujh par aur meri har cheez par and I mean it really. Ye tumhara hi ghar h, tum jo chahe kar sakti ho, tumhe koi nhi rok sakta, m bhi nhi. Tum jo chahe, jahan chahe kar sakti ho aur vo bhi pure haq ke saath. Hmm? (Nandini smiled to it and immediately nodded and manik smiled to his fullest seeing nandini smiling.)

M: M toh ye keh raha tha ki tum akele breakfast kyun bana rahi ho, mujhe bula liya hota? Hum saath mein breakfast banate? (Now this came as a shock not only for the servants but also for nandini too. She never thought that manik will be knowing cooking and servants were shocked because manik had never filled even a glass of water for himself and now he was talking about cooking food. Nandini came out of shock and asked manik with wide open eyes.)

N: Manik tumhe cooking aati h? (Manik chuckles at her reaction and cups her face.)

M: Nope. Mujhe toh cooking ki ABC bhi nhi aati but m atleast tumhari help toh kar sakta hoon. Mere hote hue tum akele kaam kyun karungi? (Servants were shocked to see this side of manik as he was speaking with so much of love and also was ready to help in cooking and Nandini felt blessed to have manik who doesn't want to leave her alone in any walk of life. She smiled widely.)

N: Manik it's okay. M kar lungi. Tum tab tak jakar rest karo.

M: Nhi na mumma. I want to help you please. (Manik was in his childish mood and servants were beyond shock to see this side of manik and moreover calling nandini as mumma because they were very well aware of his relation with his mother and his belief in that relationship. Moreover, the way he called her mumma, he truly meant it from his heart.)

(Actually, manik was never expressive of his emotions. He just express his anger and his friendship towards fab5, other than that, he shows no emotions to others. All servants knew that he was in relationship with alia, but then also, he never saw any kind of lovey dovey moments of them in front of them, he always saw him treating her the same way as he used to treat other members of fab5. Infact, within fab5 too, he treats all of them equally. In their individual time too, they sometimes teased each other and cared for each other but manik never did anything special for her and most of their talks were about fab5 only. They used to spend a very less personal time because manik never wanted to spend any alone time with her. At that time, he wasn't aware of the reason, he thought that was normal but now, he knew that it was because he never loved Alia, he never felt any different connection with her, he never knew that this side exists in him, he never knew that someday he can be so much in love that he wanted to spend each and every second of his life with her and wanted to get more and more alone time with her and now nandini brought all his emotions out. Now, he wanted to spend maximum alone time with nandini and show his each side to her. He wanted to live each and every moment of his life with nandini and wanted to make everything special for her. This is the effect of true love that now he became so expressive that not for once he felt embarrassed to behave like child in front of his servants. He give a damn to the world when it comes to nandini. He can be anything in front of nandini. He doesn't care about the world that what they will think, he just needs nandini beside him. He can fight the whole world if nandini is beside him. He can be anything with nandini anytime, anywhere, in between any number of people, he just needs nandini with him and nothing else. He can be his trueself with her, infact, he can be many other things which he never knew that they existed in him. He never knew that he can behave like child with someone, he never knew that he can love someone so deeply, he never knew that someone will become everything for him that he will stop caring about the world, he never knew that so much pure emotions ever existed in him but nandini brought each and everything in him and now he felt like his life is happy and complete. He is content now, he doesn't need anything else. Nandini is the answer to his each question, each prayer, each thought, each and everything. He just needs nandini with him and nothing and no one else. Yes, his friends means alot to him but nandini has a very special place in his life, in his heart, in his soul that no-one could ever be able to replace it. He will never let nandini go away from him even if it means to do anything and everything to keep nandini with him.)
(Nandini smiled widely seeing him behaving childishly.)

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