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Oh. My. Freaking. GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaking LOVE every single one of you!!! That includes YOU too!!

NUMBER ELEVEN (thats one one as in 11) ON WEREWOLF WHAT'S HOT LIST!!!! Ohmigosh I'm gonna FALL OVER, FAINT AND DIE FROM HAPPINESS. Ok no I won't because then there'd be no story!! And we won't want that, now do we?

Anyways, maybe we can drop one of those ones? Hmm, perhaps?

Anyways, some peeps are getting confused, SO I SHALL EXPLAIN. Y'all know that chapter featuring that evil child? IT IS A BONUS CHAPTER AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STORYLINE SO YOU WILL NOT SEE THAT EVIL CHILD EVER AGAIN. Ok that's number one.

SECOND. Some people are asking why Michelle isn't in love with Luke or whatever since she's his mate. WELL she is HUMAN so she feels NOTHING towards him- only the fact that's he's a cocky hot werewolf who seems to be obsessed with her and freaks her out. You only feel the mate attraction if you are a werewolf in this story.

Okay, glad I got that cleared up. NOW ON TO THE CHAPTER MY LOVELY FRIENDS.


I punched the nearest wall, my fist leaving a nice sized hole. How dare he touch my mate like that? Just because Luke is an alpha doesn't mean he can harm her! I growled, my wolf threatening to take over. He was as mad as I am.

I hate her step-father even more. It takes every ounce of willpower for me to keep from ripping him to shreds, making him pay for all the harm he brought upon her.

But I had to get closer to her. My wolf can't stand it...

I'm going for her.


I will.

I must.

I sighed and walked out the door. In minutes I was in front of her house. I could smell her scent, mixed in with a drunk step-father. Hell, he doesn't even deserve to be called that, that son of a bitch!

I rang the doorbell and forced a smile. Keith opens it and grins goofily.

"*****, you're here! Come on in. My bitch is still at work and her dumbass daughter's asleep," he smiled. I inwardly growled at him calling her a dumbass. Oh, yes, he's gonna pay.

Big time.

I walked in anyways, as if I didn't care about his family. I followed him into the kitchen, where a few other guys were sitting around the table, gambling. I don't usually gamble, but I just went with it. I sat down and everyone continued the game.

I was doing fairly well when an amazing scent drifted past me, and I looked up to see a startled Michelle.


What a beautiful name.