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SECOND. Some people are asking why Michelle isn't in love with Luke or whatever since she's his mate. WELL she is HUMAN so she feels NOTHING towards him- only the fact that's he's a cocky hot werewolf who seems to be obsessed with her and freaks her out. You only feel the mate attraction if you are a werewolf in this story.

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I punched the nearest wall, my fist leaving a nice sized hole. How dare he touch my mate like that? Just because Luke is an alpha doesn't mean he can harm her! I growled, my wolf threatening to take over. He was as mad as I am.

I hate her step-father even more. It takes every ounce of willpower for me to keep from ripping him to shreds, making him pay for all the harm he brought upon her.

But I had to get closer to her. My wolf can't stand it...

I'm going for her.


I will.

I must.

I sighed and walked out the door. In minutes I was in front of her house. I could smell her scent, mixed in with a drunk step-father. Hell, he doesn't even deserve to be called that, that son of a bitch!

I rang the doorbell and forced a smile. Keith opens it and grins goofily.

"*****, you're here! Come on in. My bitch is still at work and her dumbass daughter's asleep," he smiled. I inwardly growled at him calling her a dumbass. Oh, yes, he's gonna pay.

Big time.

I walked in anyways, as if I didn't care about his family. I followed him into the kitchen, where a few other guys were sitting around the table, gambling. I don't usually gamble, but I just went with it. I sat down and everyone continued the game.

I was doing fairly well when an amazing scent drifted past me, and I looked up to see a startled Michelle.


What a beautiful name.

She stood there, looking scared as her dad yelled at her. All I wanted to do is punch that bastard senseless then wrap my arms around her. Yet I knew I couldn't, she's be scared.

After a few moments, she raced upstairs and I heard the door slam. My wolf howled, he didn't wantg her to leave.

Neither did I.

Sooner or later, I got bored with the game and left. I waited outside for the others to leave.

One by one they shuffled out, laughing at some joke. They broke apart and drove away in their separate directions.

That's when I heard the pounding.

My heart raced. What if he's beating Chelle again. I leaped up and grabbed the edge of windowsill that looked into her room. I easily pulled myself up and saw Chelle sitting on the bed, weeping. The door was shaking. I silently slid the window open. She didn't notice me, she was staring at the door, her eyes wide with fright and wet with tears.

"GO AWAY!" she yelled. I couldn't stop myself. I wrapped my arms around her and whispered into her ear.

"Hello, my sweet,"

She froze in my arms. I turned her around and looked into her gorgeous tearful blue eyes.

"DAMMIT CHELLE! YOU'RE LUCKY I NEED A BEER OTHERWISE I'D HAVE BROKEN THIS DAMN DOOR DOWN BY NOW!" Keith yelled. She looked at the door in fear, but sagged with relief when she heard him walking away. I growled after him. Celle gasped and pushed me away.

My wolf whimpered. Why is she pushing me away?

"Sweetheart? What's wrong?" I asked, hurt and confused.

"Who the hell are you? My name is Michelle, not sweetheart!" she snapped.

"I-I'm your mate," I answered, not understanding. She gasped and backed away slowly.

"Y-you're a w-werewolf?" she whimpered. I nodded and advanced towards her slowly.

"I came here to take you away. You will be away from that dipshit, and you will be mine," I growled the last part. Her breath quickened.

"No..." she whispered. I froze.

"What?" I demanded.

"I can't! NO! I won't just leave with some stranger who claims he is my freaking MATE? Hell, I'm not even a damn werewolf! Get out of my room!" she shrieked. My wolf growled. I pushed her against the wall, my anger rising to its peak.

"I'm not leaving until I take what's mine," I growled before smashing my lips onto hers.

Her eyes stretched wide and she pushed against me. I grabbed them with one and with the other I held onto her tightly, no letting her go.

When I broke away, she screamed. I cut her off my placing my lips onto hers once again. Not breaking away, I walked over to the window and jumped.

My wolf was ecstatic. I finally had my mate in my arms, kissing her with everything I had.

Air rushed past us as I met the ground. I landed on my feet, the fall was nothing for a werewolf. I heard Chelle gasp. I pulled away and pushed her into the car. She banged on the windows, screaming, but I ignored her.

I opened the door to the drivers seat and hopped in. Chelle was yelling her poor throat out. The noise rang in my ears, irritatingly.

"SHUT UP!" I yelled, before cuffing her on the head.

I must've hit her a bit too hard, because she fell unconcious.

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry Chelle, but it's for your own good," I murmured stroking her sunny hair.

With that, I drove away.

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