Chapter 16

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[Nevermind those who hate on us, we can love ourselves more for their part.]


"Ji Won, Patient number 078 wants you." A man, who was older than Ji Won, informed him. The other one nodded at the provided information, collecting everything he needed and was headed off to see the patient.

"How are you feeling, Mrs. Kim?" The doctor asked as soon as he had entered the room and approached the female on the bed.

"I feel a bit uncomfortableness in my chest since last night." The female complained, her hands showed the place where she felt the burning sensation.

Ji Won noted it down, "Did you eat something wrong last night?" He moved to the side, checking her vitals. "I just ate the cake they gave me, saying that it was someone's birthday."

Ji Won frowned, he had not been aware of any birthdays but smiled at the female, "Ah, it's okay. I will call Nurse Lee, she will take care of it."

"We'll just give you a few injections, and the pain should be as good as gone." The old patient nodded at her doctor, thanking him. Ji Won gave off his greetings and left the room.

"Ji Won, Patient number 069 is asking for you." Nurse Han had informed him, before she left to check on another patient. Ji Won nodded quickly, and using to get the notes of his other patient.

"Yes, sweetheart, is there something wrong?" Ji Won asked, sitting beside the small girl on the bed. The girl seemed to have pointed at her head, telling him that she was having an immense headache and she wanted to vomit but wasn't able to.

"Nurse, what did you give her in the morning?" The doctor asked, pointing at the girl. The Head Nurse smiled and said, "Her usual breakfast."

Ji Won nodded and looked back at the girl, "Did you take your medicines?" The girl hid away in shame, and he immediately understood why.

"You know..." Ji Won started, getting comfortable in the bed, "...when I was young, I hated medicine. Syrups or in tablet form, they both sucked. So, my mom would get me ice-cream and hid the medicines in it. When I would eat ice-cream, I was eating the medicines as well."

Ji Won knew that the method he used for eating medicines was not one that would be recommended by a doctor but he had no choice. Knowing his little patient, she would go on hunger strikes for day but wouldn't take her medicines.

Every child loves ice-cream, and he was sure that she did as well. The young girl immediately turned bright and nodded sweetly at him, having caramel dripping thoughts of ice-cream.

"Okay, which flavor do you like? Oppa will bring it for you." Ji Won had just asked when she climbed onto him, giggling and saying, "Mint! Mint! Mint!"

Ji Won chuckled, "Okay, you can sit down now. I'll go get your ice-cream." He headed towards his office, grabbing his coat. He had no other patients to check upon, so, it would be safe to head outside.

His phone rang while he was still in the hallway, he answered, "Hello. Dr. Ji Won speaking..."

The other line was just heavy breathing and no words, which made the doctor look at the Caller ID. A magical smile displayed itself on his face immediately, "Seung Jun?"

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