Chapter 19

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Ayesha's POV

Its been two days. Two days since my big brother passed away. These 2 days have been horrible and felt like 2 awful years.

All I have been doing is crying, locked up in my room and haven't ate anything.

I've been getting thousands of calls and messages from Ahmed, telling me he's worried about me. Telling me to talk to him at least once.

Gathering up some courage, I head towards the washroom. I stare at my horrible state in the mirror. Instead of the smiling girl with twinkling eyes is a sad girl with puffy red eyes and pale skin.

I wash my face with cold water and decide to take a shower since I feel disgusting being in the same clothes for 2 days. After the shower, I comb my hair and wrap a hijab around my head.

All I can think about is the memories with Hussain. The fun moments we had together... How much he cared for me. I swipe through the pictures of me and him. At the mall, when we went to a vacation.

I smile sadly looking at his pictures. His weird habits. A tear escapes my eyes but I quickly wipe it away. If he was still here with me, I'm sure he wouldn't want to see me cry but I can't help it. I miss him so much.

I've gotten so involved into myself that I've forgotten about mom and dad. About what they might be going through. They have lost their son too. We should be grieving together.

I slowly walk downstairs. The house has been quiet since that day. There's not a single bit of joy, I can sense the sadness instead of the cheerfulness. Hussain sitting at his usual spot, papa and him talking and laughing.

Papa has also become gloomy. The smile on his face, and his jokes, all are gone. Work is the only thing that distracts him.

Hussain was the light of this house. Without him, everything has become dark. There's no happiness in this house anymore.

I look at Ammi, sitting on the couch with red eyes. She walks to me and immediately hugs me. I hug her back.

Ammi, stays quiet since that accident happened and is always lost in her own thoughts, with tears streaming down her face.

Everything is a mess.

"I'm sorry, I worried you a lot, not caring that you're going through the same thing as me," I apologize, my voice hoarse from all the crying.

She just smiling, indicating its okay. But its not. I don't feel it is.

"Ahmed has been worried. He's been calling non stop," She says sadly and tells me to call him now. I do as I'm told.

I call him.

"Hello, Ayesha. Thank god, you've called me. I've been worried about you. Why were you ignoring me? You could  least talk to me. How are you? Why have you not been eat-" I cut him off.

"Stop babbling, and hello yes I'm good," I can imagine him rolling his eyes.

"I know you are not okay," He says, sternly.

"Does it matter?" I ask, rolling my eyes.

"Of course it does. I'm coming to pick you up, no arguments," He cuts the call.

I sigh, get my purse and wait for him.

Ahmed's POV

I haven't been in contact with Ayesha since that day. I've been trying to call her. I left her lots of messages. I called her mom. And got to know that she hasn't been eating and has locked herself up in her room. 

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