Perfect Love ( Scott McCall & Allison Argent Fanfic)

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What the hell was that? I grabbed a t shirt and grabbed my old baseball bat and headed outside.

When I get outside I looked around for what could have made that noise. I scanned the front yard and the sides of the house, and found nothing. I opened the door to go back inside, but saw something swing off of the roof.

"Ahhh! " "Ah! " "Ahhh! " I held the bat tight in my hands ready to swing, when I saw a figure fall off of the roof. I looked over my porch fence to see a mildly pained Stiles lying on the ground.

" Stiles what the hell are you doing!? " Stiles loves to surprise me in the middle of the night. He just recently started doing it more often as he got more interested in his dad's work.

" You weren't answering your phone"

" Well its the middle of the night Stiles! " I set the bat down by the front door, and checked to see if my mom was still asleep.

" Anyway get this, my dad just left 20 minutes ago, dispatch called all officers in Beacon, even the state police. " He looked at me like I was supposed to be excited, then continued.

" Two joggers found a dead body in the woods."

" You mean like there was a murder? "

" Nobody knows yet. All they know is that it's a girl. Probably in her twenties. "

" Hold on if they found the body.. Then what are they looking for? "

" That's the best part.." They only found half of her! " I don't understand why, or how he gets so excited about these cases. A lot of them are really strange. Beacon Hills is strange.

" We're totally going. "


" Are we really doing this? " I'm not really up for taking a walk in the woods in the middle of the night.

" Hey your the one always saying nothing happens here. Now something is. "

" I was trying to get a good night sleep before practice tomorrow. " Stiles and I have always been on the bench for lacrosse. We haven't played one game.

" Ya because sitting on the bench takes a lot of effort."

"No because I'm gonna play on the team this year. In fact I'm gonna make first line. " Confidence. That's new.

" Hey there's the spirit. Everyone should have a dream. Even a pathetically unrealistic one. " I shook my head and laughed.

" Just out of curiosity, what half of the body are we looking for? " Why is Stiles so interested to find half of a girl? I don't get it.

" Oh ha, I never really thought about that. "

" And what if the killer of the body is still out here? " I looked at Stiles expectantly and he purposely avoided eye contact. .

" Also something I didn't think about. " Ya surprise, surprise.

Stiles pace quickens as we go up a hill and it gets harder to breathe. I pull out my inhaler and take a big breath. When we reach the top of the hill, Stiles drops to the ground and I do the same.

" We have to go. " Before I could regather my thoughts, Stiles got up and ran.

" Stiles wait up! Stiles! " I ran after Stiles, and was almost blinded by flashlights. Shit.. That means his dad.. Oh shit..

" Stiles! "The other police got ready, and the dogs barked endlessly. Stiles ran straight into his dad and fell into his butt. I hid behind the nearest tree, and stayed quiet.