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Sarah's POV

It has been 2 weeks since I have been working for Mr. William and I miss my last job to death. Its just that Mr. William likes his work done his way, or else its him and his temper. He gets angry at everyone at the office because they made a mistake, but the worst part is that he gets angry at me for no apparent reason.

Like an hour ago, when I informed him that he has a meeting with his business partners from Japan, well he literally scolded me saying that he told me to cancel it. And as far as my brilliant memory goes, he never even said that.

Anyways, I tried to argue but I pissed him off even more. So here I am translating my email into Japanese and cancelling the meeting as politely as I can.

Apparently, all of this was because of Mr. William's cousin coming to town from London as he wanted to discuss a business deal that they were to collaborate on.

Well I on the other hand am to make sure that the devil's cousin is well established with all the policies we adhere to at William Enterprises. I just hope rudeness and malice isn't in their family genes.


Ethan's POV

I was currently sat at one of my hotels waiting for my cousin to arrive. His plane had landed a few hours ago and he should be here by now. He didn't want to meet me at the office as he wishes to devote a day to deal with his jet lag. It sure isn't very professional of him, but he is new to the business world. And my uncle insisted me on teaching him the whereabouts of it all.

As I was about to call him, I already saw him entering the lobby. He approached me as I gave him a head nod.

"Hey Ethan, nice meeting you again." He greeted with a smile.

He was always the cheery one, never gloomy. It was almost as if he was a child hidden behind his manly persona.

I laughed as I shook his hand. "Great meeting you too. So, how is uncle Josh?"

"You know how much he likes getting on my nerves. And he gets to do that plenty now-a-days, so he is doing great I suppose."

"Well I sure hope that the getting on my nerves part isn't the other way around." I replied amused.

"Nu-uh. Never." He says.

We talk about everything ranging from the business to uncle's plans for their company to his reluctance on managing the company.

Finally I had to bid him goodbye and head home. He said he would be working with me for the next few weeks as his dad thinks that he could learn a thing or two. I was okay with it because it could keep my mind off things. And by things I mean Sarah. I just can't deny that I might be attracted to her. I mean its just attraction, but she wouldn't even look at me without hostility dripping down her words.

And well I do not even like her more than attraction. I mean she is pretentious. She has this pink planner she keeps with her which isn't the only hint of her immaturity. She cant drink hot coffee as it burns her tongue and waits for it to cool down. And to top it all she is just so perfect at her job. I do not know why but it infuriates me. I am so confused by myself right here. I mean why is it that she brings out the worst in me yet be so clueless of it.

She ticks me off yet somehow it his her who gets to hate me.

Sarah's POV

"I am not going to any night club where you can abandon me and get guys while I sit with a drink in my hands and desolate thoughts surround my conscience." I tried convincing Alice into leaving me alone for the night.

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