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Till There Was You: The Confession

               Three words. Eight letters.

               Today was the day I was finally going to say it.

               Never in my twenty-one years had I ever come across a girl like her.

               She was the one, and I was sure of it.

               If only she knew . . .

               "James, will you calm down? Your frantic jittering is making me nervous," my best friend Claire shouted, attempting to relieve me from my unnecessary state of panic.

               I couldn't help myself. My pearly whites were clattering faster than a woodpecker on a bright spring morning, my limbs were cursed with a zealous shiver that refused to cease, and my heart was beating more rapid than a snare drum at a band competition. Nervousness didn't even begin to describe what I was going through.

               A hand whipped across my face. The tips of her freshly manicured nails grazed my baby soft skin, leaving a red welt in the shape of her tiny palm.

               Grasping my swollen cheek, I unintentionally shot her a menacing glare. "What the heck is wrong with you, Claire!"

               She immediately took a step back. Nice one, James! My face softened at the sight of her frightened expression. I walked towards her, pulling her into my loving arms. She fit so perfectly with me. We were meant to be . . . best friends.

               "I'm sorry, Claire. I didn't mean that. I was just excited for tonight," I apologized, tracing the tip of each word with the dearest sincerity as I spoke.

               I sighed in relief as I heard a faint whisper, "it's okay."

               It's okay, I repeated in my head. Claire was right. It was going to be okay, and it all was because of herShe was the light in my life. She was my world, and today, she was going to know it.

               Flashing her soul-melting snow white smile, Claire asked, "So . . . You're finally going to say it, aren't you?"

               Reality hit me - right then, and there.

               I knew that I was going to say it, but I never realized how momentous it was going to be. A sudden rush of fear flooded my thoughts as I began to second-guess myself.