Chapter 13

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Several days past after the news. A lot of tears are shed. A lot of sleepless nights. Dans bed hasn't been slept in, in eight days as they both shares Phil's bed. They spend every waking minute together not leaving each other's sides.

Dan's POV

My eyes are sore with tears. I've cried so much over the past the few days or so and haven't got a lot of sleep either. I'm scared to. Scared to sleep and when I wake that he won't be here and won't wake. That Phil won't wake. That he would take he's last breath and I'll be sleeping. Not by his side where I should be. Every time I think about losing him I tear up. I don't know what I would do without him. My best friend. My boyfriend. My Philion.

I have my head rested on Phil's chest. Listening to his heartbeat softly in his chest. "Dan?" Phil speaks and I lightly lift my head up to look at him, indicated for him to carry on talking. "Let's do something. Just us. " he's voice is soft and gentle like it always is but this time it's softer, more gentle.

"Sure. I'd love to," I respond lifting my head up to his and placing a kiss on his lips. " but where shall we go?" I question looking at him in they eyes. I don't take my eyes off him, not even once, I'm willing to go where ever he wants to take us. A smile forms on his face before he starts to speak.

"How about we go to Manchester? To our old apartment?" I nod with a smile. I'm willing to go there with him, anyways it would be nice to see our old apartment again.

With that we both sit and change into clothes. Phil wears a blue one, bright and matches his personality. Me on the other hand I wear a black one with my black jacket. Phil wears blue denim skinny jeans. I wear black denim skinny jeans. Phil wears white converse. I wear my black zippy shoes with he non purpose zips on. We call a taxi and head out the door.

We stand out side the apartment waiting for the taxi. I interlace my fingers with Phil's, he turns to me and smiles. I causally return the smile. It makes me feel good when I see Phil smile especially what her was told a few days ago. When the taxi arrives Phil tells the driver to take us to the train station so we can catch a train to Manchester. He does just that.

We reach Kings Cross station "£10.80." The taxi driver says. His voice is deep and sounds like he's fed up with his job. Nether the less I hand him the money as we wait for a train. Once the train arrives it relatively empty which makes it easy for us to find a seat near one another. Our fingers still intertwined together. Phil closes his eyes and rests his head on my shoulder. He's so peaceful. I can't believe soon I'm going to lose him. Forever. The thought brings more tears to my eyes, I push them back due to being on public transport it still hurts. It hurts like nothing has ever hurt me before.

5hours and 45 minutes later we arrive in Manchester. I gently nudge Phil to wake him up. It's dark now. I glance at the time on my phone 5:36pm. Too late to be walking around the streets of Manchester.

"What time is it? It's really dark out," Phil asks as we start to file off the train behind other people.

"5:36pm, we should book a hotel room to stay in the night, we can see the old apartment tomorrow, it's too late now," my words are soft towards him. My words have been a lot softer and I haven't snapped at him as much or yelled at him for eating my cereal. I want his last days to be the best they can.

"Okay. How about the Blue Rainbow Hotel, I heard it's cheap," we stop after we get out the station and I listen to Phil's words.

"Yes let's anything for you," I smile softly and kiss his cheek before setting off to find this hotel.

After walking for what seemed like miles we came across it. We enter together and the lady at the desk had a bright smile on her face. Not as bright as Phil's tho.

"Hey, could we have 1 room please for the night?" I question cause I know phil wouldn't.

"Yes. Let me check what rooms are free," the next three minutes are in silence as she checks her computer or whatever. "Room 5 happens to be free, that would be £49 for both of you," her smile is soft as I hand her the money. She checks the money then hands me he key. "Have a great stay!" Her bubbly smile stays on her face even as we walk away.

We reach the room assigned to her. Let me tell you it was amazing. It was small. But amazing. As we weren't planning on staying anywhere we hand no clothes leaving two choices. We sleep in our boxers, or naked as we will need our clothes for tomorrow. Phil resorts to sleeping in her boxers as he takes off his shoes, jeans and top and climbs into bed. I join him not long after. The bed is soft it's amazing. I cuddle up to Phil and watch as his eyes flutter close.

"Please be here when I wake Phil. Don't leave me here in Manchester. " I mumble quietly so he doesn't hear. I don't want him to Hear. Having said that the softness of the mattress makes my eyes heavy cause sleep to take me in its grasp and wasn't letting go.

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