Chapter 21

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Every morning for the next month the Daily Prophet reported nothing but the terror attacks that were happening all over the country. Many speculated that Voldemort had returned as the attacks were that horrendous however Voldemort was dead, so how could that be?

Hermione walked into the kitchen with a spring in her step, everything was proceeding as planned. She was just waiting for her opponents to make their move before it all fell into place. Her eyes darted to the table with anticipation as she looked at this morning's edition of the Daily Prophet. She raised an eyebrow at the headline.

Written by Andy Smudgley

For the last month our country has been plagued by attacks that we never thought to experience again, especially after Voldemort's defeat. The cruelty and brutality behind them astounds everyone who witnessed the horrors of the war as it defies the worst that anyone saw. Thankfully no one has been killed in these attacks, however many have been seriously injured. The victims of these horrible actions were all known Voldemort sympathizers in the war, but those who never took action and actually joined his ranks. Many have wondered if these assaults are the final works of Voldemort, if his hidden followers are punishing them for not fighting with them and potentially changing the outcome of the war. However, it has just been made known to us through an anonymous source that all evidence found leads directly to known Order Of The Phoenix Member, Hermione Granger. Could it be that the rumors that have been circulating for months actually hold some truth and that Miss Granger has actually been committing these atrocities on behalf of the Order? Or is she being framed?

Hermione grinned and stopped reading there, she grabbed her wand from the pocket of her pajama bottoms and pointed it at her Dark Mark, whispering an incantation that ensures Draco would get the message relaying his task to him. The opposition had moved. The pieces were now in play. Hermione put the paper back on the table, as if it hadn't been touched and continued with her day, acting like nothing had happened and that she hadn't just been accused of breaking the law in a public newspaper.

Hermione's day was quiet until about 12:20 in the afternoon when she heard an apparation pop sound behind her. She put down her mug of hot chocolate and turned her head to look behind her. Standing there with wide eyes was a frantic looking Harry Potter. He rushed towards her.

"Hermione, I'm sorry that I came without giving you any warning. You don't have much time, they're coming for y-" He was interrupted by more apparation pops behind him. Ten aurors and Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt appeared in the room.

"Potter, step away." Kingsley commanded, his face full of sadness and confusion. Harry did what he was told, looking incredibly concerned for his friend.

Hermione looked up at Harry with puzzlement, despite the fact that she had been waiting for this. "Kingsley, what's going on?"

Kingsley took a deep breath. "Miss Granger, you under arrest."

"On what grounds!?"

"On suspicion of the torture and attempted murder of several individuals and families in the Wizarding community."

"What?!" Hermione stood up and backed away from the advancing aurors.

"You do not have to say anything now but it may harm your defense if you do not mention now something you later rely on in court, anything you do say may be given in evidence."

The aurors backed her into the wall and put handcuffs on her wrists. Hermione absolutely despised the position she was now in, at this point there was nothing she could do, even though this was part of her plan. For a moment it unleashed her harsher personality. "The truth will come out." She growled just before she was side-apparated into the Ministry of Magic atrium.

The reporters that had gathered in the atrium waiting for anything about the attacks turned their heads and gasped when they saw the Golden Girl being marched across the room, towards the Auror department and most likely, the interrogation rooms.

"Miss Granger, what are they charging you with?"

"Miss Granger, are the rumors true? Were you acting under the Orders commands?"

Hermione kept her head held high, she wouldn't allow people to think she was vulnerable. Once inside the interrogation room she sat down and glared at the aurors who had yet to take her handcuffs off.

"Miss Granger, is there anything you would like? A lawyer to help your defense?"

"I'd like these handcuffs to come off," Kingsley signaled to an auror to release her, "And I'd like a reporter to sit in on my interrogation."

"Hermione-" Harry was baffled by his friend's choice of a reporter over a lawyer.

"Miss Granger, you know that normally that is not allowed."

"But you'll make an exception for me, won't you?" Her voice was hard and menacing as she narrowed her eyes at the Minister.

"If that's what will make you co-operate. I know just how stubborn you can be." Kingsley replied before ordering an auror to fetch one of the reporters from the atrium.

"Not to mention that I've saved the Wizarding World's and Harry Potter's arses many times."

A deafening silence filled the room as no one spoke until the reporter arrived, fortunately for Hermione, Eliot Linus was a respected and renowned journalist.

"Mr. Linus, you are here because Miss Granger requested a reporter's presence." Kingsley informed him. "Miss Granger how would you like this interrogation to be conducted, the options are-"

"Veritaserum." Hermione said immediately. "I'd prefer for there to be no doubt as to what I'm saying." Kingsley nodded, hoping that this would mean everything would be cleaned up nice and easily. Hermione turned to Mr. Linus. "Mr. Linus, you have my permission to report everything I say in your next article, providing that it is the truth, that it is not twisted or taken our of context."

Mr. Linus nodded. "You have my word."

A cup of Veritaserum was placed in front of Hermione, who drank it immediately.

"Let us begin." Kingsley instructed.


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