You Got Me a Horse?!

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Skip ahead a couple weeks and I'm a week into four months and honestly, it hasn't been that bad having little Austin growing inside me.

I'm actually more excited to have him than ever. Partly because of how excited everyone was when Lucas and I told everyone it was a boy, I guess the excitement rubbed off on me and now here I am, at four months, smiling like an idiot because of this baby.

Lucas is at the gym right now with Farkle and Zay so I'm at home with Riley who's super excited to help decorate the baby's room.

She's got it all planed in her head. "We can put the crib right by this wall and then have his name painted above in cool fonts."

"Well, I'll be the painter," I smile happily, "But what color will the walls be?"

"How about purple?!" Riley smiles brightly, looking around the room, "No gender stereotypes! Maybe his favorite color his purple!"

I laugh at my best friend. "Hey Austin, what's your favorite color?"

Riley bends down in front of my bump and puts her ear to it. "I'm pretty sure he said purple and pink, Peaches."

With a slight sigh in between a chuckle, I bring Riley back up to her feet. "Riles, you know that I'm not against that stuff but maybe we should paint the walls blue or green or something? And when Austin is born, if he wants to change it, we will."

"Fine," Riley sighs but smiles, "And then in like five years when you and Lucas have a little baby girl, we can paint pink and purple everywhere."

"Yeah, that's not happening, Riles," I laugh, shaking my head, "No damn way."

"Don't you want little Austin to have a baby sister one day, Peaches?" Riley says, her hands on my bump

"Riles, I just want to see if I can even handle one kid," I place my hands on her shoulders and smile slightly, "Ok?"

"Yeah, yeah, I know," she responds, "But wouldn't it be cool for you to have a boy and then me have a boy and then they become best friends and then we both have girls and they become a mini me and you?"

My lips form an even bigger smile at the thought of that but I change the subject. "Well, it seems like you and Farks are slacking with the baby making."

Riley sighs deeply and then leans against the wall. "He doesn't even want kids. I don't know what his problem is, Maya."

I shrug my shoulders. "Maybe he's scared. Have you talked to him?"

There's silence from her in response prompting me to take her shoulders and pull them off the wall and force her to look in my eyes.

"Talk to him. Talk to him, Riles," I tell her, "He's scared and needs ya to tell him not to be and to comfort him."

"I've been a terrible wife to him, haven't I?" Riley's happy brown eyes become sad, "I haven't even let him tell me why he's scared at all."

Shaking my head at her statement, I say, "Come on, honey. Let's go downstairs and put on your favorite movie and you can rant all ya want."

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