"Whatever?" he chuckles, tightening his hand around my wrists. He flexes his hips, pressing his boxer clad body between my thighs. "Stop being ridiculous, you know how I am," I feel so exposed right now and his domineering actions are turning me on more than they should.

 He continues, "and you know you've given me new experiences. I've never loved anyone, romantically, or even family really.." his eyes drift off to ponder over a painful memory but he quickly returns to me, "and I've never lived with anyone, I never gave a fuck about losing anyone before but when it comes to you, I wouldn't survive it. That's a new experience." his lips ghost over mine, "is that enough experience for you?"

I nod and he smiles. If I lift my head only a centimeters from the mattress, my lips will touch his. He seems to read my thoughts and lifts his head a few inches higher, "and don't throw that bet shit in my face again," he threatens, rubbing himself against me.

A treacherous moan escapes and his eyes darken, "got it?" he continues to chastise me.

"Sure," I defiantly roll my eyes at him and he frees my wrists, running his newly freed hand down my body, stopping on my hip and squeezing gently.

"You're being a brat today," he draws circles on my hip, putting more weight on my body. I feel like a brat today, I'm hung-over and hormonal.

"You're being an ass so we are even." I fire back. He bites the inside of his cheek then dips his head down to me.

Harry's lips are warm as and kisses along my jawline, sending a direct line of electricity to my groin. I wrap my legs around his waist and close the small space that was left between our bodies.

"I've only loved you," he reminds me again, soothing the small ache from his earlier words. His lips reach the base of my neck and one of his hands cups my breast while the other is used to hold his body up. "I'll always only love you,"

I don't speak, I don't want to ruin this moment. I love when he is open with me about his feelings for me and for once I can see this all in a new light. Steph, Molly, and half of the dang campus of Washington State University may have fooled around with Harry, but none of them, not one single girl has ever gotten to hear him say "I love you". They haven't, and will never, have the privilege of knowing him, the real him, the way that I do. They have no idea how wonderful and incredibly brilliant he is, they don't get to hear him laugh and watch his eyes screw shut and his dimples pop. They will never get to hear the snippets of his life or hear the conviction in his voice when he swears that he loves me more than breathing, and for that, I don't envy them, I pity them.

"I've only loved you," I promise him in return. The love I have for Noah isn't anything beyond family. I love Harry in that all consuming, incredible way that I know deep down, I will never feel again. I feel Harry's hand move down to his boxers, he tugs them down and I use my feet to help rid of them.

In a gentle motion, Harry slides into me, crying out as he plunges through the slick opening. "Again," he begs.

"I've only loved you," I repeat.

"Fucking Christ Tess, I love you so much," it's a raw confession as it pushes through his gritted mouth.

"I will always only love you," I promise him. I send a silent prayer that we will work through all of our problems because I know this is true. It will always be him.

Harry's thrusts are deep, filling and claiming me, biting and sucking at the skin on my neck with his warm, wet mouth.

"I can feel you, every single inch.. you're so fucking warm.." he groans, making it known that he hasn't put a condom on. Even through the euphoric trance, warning bells go off. My subconscious appears, drawing out a lengthy roll of condoms and taps her foot. I blink her away and revel in the feeling of Harry's hard muscles straining under my hands as I run my hands over his broad shoulders and inked arms.

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