Thank you to everyone who has supported me during this difficult time. I've spent the last few months trying to figure certain things out and it's taken some time and I'm not a hundred percent, but I'm getting there and that's more than I can say since the last time I wrote. So thank you to those that are still supporting me even after I left without a word. I love and appreciate all of you this holiday season!

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Chapter 37

Nicholas St.Claire

It was like she was gone already.

The waiting room was blank and white but there was an unmistakable sadness penetrating the air. I could hear the loud cries of my sister and the more muffled sobs of Sasha. Over their cries I could hear Wes’s alternating growls of anger and pain. I knew if I glanced at them I would see Dustin comforting Lilly and Drake holding Sasha’s hand. But I didn’t look at them.

My eyes stared unblinkingly at the empty wall in front of me. The wall was the only thing keeping me from losing my sanity. I was raging on the inside, wanting to hit everything in sight and scream until my voice drifted away the same way Libby had. I wanted to pull my hair out and cry and beg her to come back to me. But I did none of these things.

I had seen the looks the doctor gave me when Libby was rushed in. It was full of pity and sympathy. Even he didn’t believe she wouldn’t make it through this. My hands clenched, an involuntary slip up. I took a deep breath and focused on the pure white of the wall.

Please, Libby.

I had begged and pleaded with her the whole drive to the hospital. I had pressed soft kisses to her head and cried silently as the blood continued to drip from her wounds and her skin continued to lose color. I had watched the love of my life slowly die in front of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything to stop it from happening.

God no, Libby.

It had been hours since the doctor took her into surgery and we had received nothing but sympathetic looks from the quiet nurse manning the reception desk. She didn’t believe Libby would survive either.

I wasn’t sure what had happened with the rest of the wolves after I left with Libby. When she had first been taken into surgery Kyle had appeared with a grim expression but I had only shaken my head in a silent warning not to talk to me. I had sat in my spot and stared at the wall but I could hear Dustin murmuring with Bradshaw. Idly, I hoped Dustin would be able to take on the position of being Alpha full time because I knew if Libby died I would too.

I heard light footsteps entering the room followed by two different, heavier footsteps. My eyes briefly flickered toward the door and I saw Meredith with red rimmed eyes twisting her hands nervously. Behind her Bradshaw had a comforting hand on her shoulder while Kyle merely looked on with solemn eyes. Lilly stared at her for a second before shakily holding out her hand. Meredith collapsed in tears and rushed forward, hugging my sister tightly. A pang went through me as I looked at their shaking forms.

They all believed she wouldn’t make it out of surgery too.

“I’m sorry.” Kyle took the seat next to me and carefully trained his eyes on the same wall. He didn’t say anything else but I didn’t need him to.

We all waited as a group, each of us silently lost in our own thoughts. Every once in awhile someone would crack and a soft cry would escape into the quiet room but it seemed as if the tears had dried up for the time being. After another hour had gone by Bradshaw got up and left the room before coming back twenty minutes later with coffee. I refused the drink.

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