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Jasmine's POV

I can't breathe! The one time in my life when I need to control my breath the most and I.can't. freaking.breathe! I curse as I try to run faster. Run, dammit! Run like your life depends on it. I look behind and see the huge beast gaining on me. Weeeeelll, my life kinda does depend on it.

Shit! Jasmine, nows not the time to get sarcastic. I curse my curvy body, I curse my huge boobs ,I curse the pizza I ate this morning and I curse myself for not training for the marathon everyday of my life. I especially curse the woman who said that wearing skimpy,sexy underwear makes women feel more confident. Well, now I am confident that I am going to die! I can't run! Skimpy does not restrain bouncing breasts! My chest hurts and my boobs are shaking like they are going to detach themselves from my body and bounce themselves to safety.
Well, too bad boobies! You are attached to me and if I go down then you are going down too! Great, now I am one step away from the loony tunes show.
Suddenly ,I hear a growl. I look behind me and stop running as I looked in horror as the huge , abnormally huge,silver wolf bites the beast and kills it. Holy shit! Now, I am definitely going to die.

Aaron's POV
The Mesha are huge creatures that love to prey on humans. They are strong, ugly and have acidic venom on their fangs. But their one disadvantage is that they are slow. They are heavy and big and that slows them down. Even a 10 year old can outrun them.
Therefore, I had to stop and see the scene unfolding before me for a moment before I could believe that a mesha was gaining on a grown woman. I shake my head and sigh out loud. Women.
  I call out my wolf as I take off my shirt and pants. I start to run as I feel my jaws elongating and my claws coming out and fully finish shifting just as I jump for the mesha. It was pretty easy to kill it since it was exhausted from the run. Just rip out the juggular and its dead in just one move. My wolf turns towards the scared woman who is now staring at me. A soft breeze carries her scent to me and I sniff .

My wolf immediately starts to growl.


Oh, shit!

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