say you love me chapter 1 Teacher student relationship)

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Hello everyone! So this is my first story on wattpad and i dont really know how everything works... 

I decided to do a student teacher romance novel- I'll try my best not to make it cliché- so this chapter I tried to make you get to know the main character a bit :) 

can you please comment- tell me what you thin!!! it would mean so much to have some feedback! Do you like it?? do you hate it?? 

"Why do I have to go to school?'" Lilly asks her mother as she clicks in the seat belt in her mother's car.  

"Sweet heart do we have to do this every day? your sixteen now! You have to go to school to learn, make friends-  

"I have no friends..." Lilly mumbles half to herself. Her mother starts up the car and drives off.  

"But surly darling you must have one friend."  

Lilly smiles brightly. "I have lots of friends."  

"So why don't you want to go?"  

'Because I don't like school its- boring.' Lilly pouts and folds her hands defence.  

"That's not a good enough reason darling- you have PE today that should be fun!"  

"Yeah- I can't wait..." Lilly says sarcastically.  

The car pulls to stop outside a large old school.  

"See you!" she says and quickly gets out of the car before her mother could give her a goodbye kiss.

In Maths Lilly sat in the far left of the class by her self. Nobody said hello to her when she came in. nobody spoke to her apart from spotty boy with braces who asked her the answer for the square root of 1600. Much of her classes went the same. At break she sat by herself on a bench eating a banana and a packet of Doritos. A shadow loomed over her and she looked up. It was Frankie and her herd of BOMs (Brainless, Obnoxious, Mingers)  

"If it isn't Lilly plain the girl without a brain." Frankie retorted snidely. The other three BOMs she was with made strange noises that seemed to be laughing but sounded like crows cackling. The retort was so stupid Lilly didn't feel hurt because she new that she did have a brain, unlike the BOMs. So Lilly joined in with the laughing. But this did not go down well with Frankie and her Gang. Never before has Lilly plain responded like this. Normally she'd run off in tears... or just sit there and take the insults and hair pulling- or the cloths stealing.  

"What's so funny?" Frankie glared at Lilly hatefully. Lilly's smile faultered and she inwardly grimaced at the girl. Frankie was a much bigger girl than Lilly not necessarily in width but in height she was at least three inches taller, and she was also very pretty with long blond hair that was in a pony tail. But Frankie didn't look remotely pretty in fact she looked ugly. In fact Lilly thought Frankie The ugliest person she's ever met- at least in the inside...  

"W-well what you said was so... stupid." Lilly said holding her head up high and getting up from the bench to her full 5 feet 4 inches.  

"Now listen you bitch- Do you know what I think Lilly? I think you're a sad lonely girl without any friends whose parent can't stand to look at you cause your a fucking tart!"  

"Talking about yourself again Frankie?' said a boy who had just appeared beside Lilly.  

He continued in an uncaring tone 'Because I know that your parent sent you to live with your aunt because they couldn't stand your shit, and the only reason why my mum puts up with your shit, is because she feels sorry for you... Don't know why though."  

Everyone gasped in shock. The Boy's name was Thomas and he was Frankie's cousin.  

Lilly was so shocked she couldn't say anything. But the nicest bit was after Frankie and the BOMs left. Thomas and her spoke for at least 30 seconds before the bell rang.  

'Hi I'm Thomas- but my friends call me Tommy- you can call me Tommy if you like.'  

Wow did he want to be Lilly's friend after all he just stuck up for her...  

'Hi Tommy...I'm Lilly- thanks for sticking up for me'  Lilly Brushed a stray ringlet from her face. Lilly with her bronze complexion almost never blushed. but her cheeks turned a faint pink.

'No problem.'  Thomas smiled at her. his light green eyes twinkled with amusement.

Then the bell rang and he said he had to go to class but before he left he said "see you around beautiful"... 

Lilly sighed happily.  

'I suppose today wasn't so bad...' But maybe Lilly spoke too soon.

Everything seemed fine. It was her last lesson today. PE always ended in tears for her. But today she swore to herself that it would be different. Lilly was going to stand up for herself, from now on People wont say Lilly who they'll say Oh yeah, Lilly cool! That sounds awesome I like the new name already. Lilly thought happily. She didn't see Frankie watching her as she made her way to the Gym.  

"Hey Lilly!" Lilly spun round to find the spotty kid from her maths class jogging after her. When he reached her he was slightly panting. The spotty Kid was holding out a book. "Here you left this in maths, hush, hush- I've read it, it's unbelievable- the next book should be available in June, I can't wait!" The spotty boy had some food left over in his teeth from lunch, so whenever he smiled at Lilly she'd inwardly cringed.  

"Oh, thank you." She said dragging her eyes away from his teeth. "I'd just die if I lost this!" Lilly took the book and gave him a grateful smile. The spotty boy blushes an embarrassing beetroot red. "I have to go to a lesson. See you in maths." "Or Science or English- see you later." The spotty boy spun on his heels and walked ran away from her. Today is turning out to be such a weird day. Lilly carried on walking to the Gym.

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