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Pure Bliss ~ Chapter 6 ~ Deceiving Looks

Recap: My body started shaking. I was barely aware of Lucas picking me up. He ran to the house, but before we got there, I changed into a wolf.


Bliss’s P.O.V.

My original plan to start a conversation with Dylan didn’t end up working. It wasn’t because I chickened out, though. Everything happened so fast. One minute I was brainstorming what I was going to say to Dylan, & the next minute I was witnessing a fight.

The entire thing was hard to watch. Matt, Jason, Riley, & Iain beat Dylan to the ground. Even though Oliver Carson jumped in to help him, it still wasn’t a fair fight. Dylan did way more damage than I thought he could do. I knew if the fight had only been between Matt & Dylan, Matt wouldn’t have lasted two minutes.

I felt so helpless just standing there & watching like the rest of the crowd. I wanted to help Dylan more than anything, but I didn’t know how to. There was so much blood. It scared me because I didn’t know how much he was hurt. I guessed that he had a broken nose, judging by the blood pouring from his nose. That was just about all that I could tell, though. Of course he had other injuries, but what if he lost too much blood?

Where the hell were the teachers? The fight was in the middle of the cafeteria & no authority figures were running to break it up!

I had to do something! I had to help somehow! Not thinking out a plan first, I pushed past the crowd. Dylan was moaning in pain, literally crawling away from the fight. The sight made my heart ache. Quickly, I helped him stand, having to hold him up once he stood. His face was swollen & bleeding. He looked like he was about to pass out, so my hold on his arm tightened.

“Dylan?” I said, my voice filled with concern. He seemed confused as his eyes met mine. I gasped, completely shocked at what I saw. His eyes weren’t their usual dark color, they were gold! Bright gold. Eyes don’t just change color randomly! That’s not normal! I couldn’t make sense of it. I wondered if my eyes were playing a trick on me or something.

“What’s happening to you?” My voice was barely a whisper, I was so…I didn’t even know what I was feeling. I was scared, I knew that for sure. I was scared that Dylan was hurt & I was scared for myself for some reason. My instinct was screaming at me to run.

Dylan shook him head, managing to stumble away from my hold. He ran out of the cafeteria clumsily as I stood frozen to my spot.

His eyes were gold! What did that mean? I silently hoped he’d recently gotten colored contacts as I ran after him.

For a guy who’d just had the crap beaten out of him, Dylan ran so fast that I had trouble following him. He didn’t look like he knew where he was going & he wouldn’t stopped stumbling. I was more than worried he might fall into the lake or something. The fear only made me run faster to catch up with him. There were a few times that I couldn’t see him when he turned some sharp corners. It seemed like he was getting faster. Either that or I was slowing down.

“Dylan! Wait up! You could hurt yourself,” I shouted, but it didn’t make a difference.

Five minutes later, he finally started to slow his pace. I could tell because I was catching up to him. All of my focus was centered on Dylan. I was sure something bad was going to happen if I didn’t get to him. We were still far apart from each other, but he was at least in sight.

It wasn’t until he collapsed that I noticed where we were. Dylan fell to his knees right outside the door to his house.

My brain instantly went into complete panic mode. He passed out! I’ve got to help him, was all I could think.

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