chapter 1- Stuck with you

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An amber-eyed brunette dressed in a light blue summer dress walked into a big family room. "I've made up my mind already. Mom, dad, I want to move out." she said with a determined smile.

"Why honey?" Her mom asked bewildered. Her father took off his rim glasses and looked up to his daughter. "Makaela, what are you planning?"

Makaela sat on the arm of the sofa, which her dad was sitting beside too. "I'm not doing anything bad. I just want to move out just like all those mature grown-ups. I am 20, dad. I'm not a kid anymore. I want freedom and independence."

"Honey, I know you're 20. But why do you want to go and live outside with just freedom and independence in attachment? The outside world is not something to be taken lightly. And you'll go hungry since you don't have a job."

Makaela replied. "Then I'll find one." She got up and twirled her summer dress. Clasping her hands together, the brunette spoke in a dreamy mode. "And besides, living outside is an adventure. You can meet anyone." Then she turned around to face her dad. "And maybe I might fall in love."

James, her dad, didn't like the idea. "No. I'm not letting you fall in love with some dirty guy from the streets. You aren't suited to be on your own, Mekaela. You are better off in here. In the mansion with us."

"Dad, you can't be like this!' Mekaela said taken aback. "I don't want to stay my whole entire life in here, trap and confuse while the whole world walks forward without me."

"James, don't be to hard with our daughter. Just let her explore." Mekaela's mom, Corazon, spoke softly but with point.

Hearing her mom's permission, Mekaela ran to hug her. "Thank you, Mom."

With a big sigh, James rubbed his eyes. He looked at Mekaela with a smile. "Okay, okay, I will let you. But, you have to have a roommate from this manor or any relatives or friends that we know."

"Hmm... I can ask Scathy." Mekaela said with a smile. "Okay, I guess Scathy could pass for a roommate." her dad said.

"Yes! I will go and ask her then!" Mekaela said in cheer. She kissed her parents and left to ask her long time friend.

Corazon, moved closer to her husband, she asked. " Do you think she will adapt to the city quickly?"

With a big sigh, he responded "Of course not at first but... Mekaela's been spoiled her whole life, she will feel out of order." Seeing his wife frown, he patted her both hands softly. "Don't worry, Scathy is with her. She will adapt with Scathy around to help her."

With a faint smile, Corazon whispered, "I hope so."


Skipping on the fancy stone floor, Mekaela finally reached the red heiress's garden. "Scathy! Scathy!" She called with glee.

A red hair miss came out of her glass house. Seeing it was Mekaela, she waved. "Mekaela, what's wrong? Why are you so excited?" she asked.

"I'm moving out." Mekaela said with a big smile. Scathy was amazed. "Wow, really? Aren't you scared?"

Shaking her head, the brunette spoke. "I'm not because I'm going to ask you to be my roommate! Daddy told me that I could move out if I bring someone that he knows that could take care of me. So, I pick you Scathy. I know you won't be strict. So please Scathy. Pretty pleaseee!"

"Oh---uh..." Scathy was lost in words. The truth is that Scathy already moved in with Maeson- Mekaela's older brother in the city, secretly. She just pretends to live in her parent's manor to check her garden. She couldn't just say no to her best friend, but she couldn't say yes either. Scathy looked up at Mekaela, who looked so pleading. Sighing she answered, "I will think about it."

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