Chapter 52

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Evelyn thought it would feel strange walking into her house after all those months of being away, kept hostage in the Royal City, but it wasn’t. The moment she stepped through those oak doors, everything felt the same.

The feel of the glossy marble floors under her boots to the sweet, homey scent of vanilla drifting in the air. She could also smell the mouth water scent of roasted duck lingering in the air, drifting towards the front door from the kitchen from the back of the house.

It was overwhelming be finally back at the place where she belonged after all those sleepless nights dreaming about being home, her mother, her father, her sister… then came the first greeting.

“Eve!” Nora gasped as the eldest Blackburn daughter slowly walked down from the spiral staircase, dressed in pair of leather black jeans and a fluffy red jumper. Nora was as beautiful as Evelyn last remembered. Her sun-kissed skin flawless, her dark black hair looked silky, soft to the touch, and those big blue eyes, they were just like Evelyn's, except more beautiful.

Evelyn glanced over to the mirror hanging by the side of the stairs for a moment, and she was shocked at how horrific she looked herself. But it didn’t surprise the young Blackburn, during her time in the Royal City she had let herself go, looks became irrelevant to her. If her beauty was the only thing attracting Zayn to her then she would rather not have it.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had looked into a mirror and checked her reflection; it’d been so long that the fragile girl staring back at Evelyn through the reflection of the mirror looked foreign. If it wasn’t for Harry stand protectively behind her, she never would have recognized herself.

Her face looked hollow, her skin was bone pale, and her hair had long lost its shine. With the help of the bright lights shining through the ceilings of the grand foyer, Evelyn saw just how sickly she looked… she was a mere shadow of the girl who left that house a few months ago.

Since then, she had lost a large proportion of her body weight through rebelling against the King and just the mental and physical trauma he had been forcing upon her. Right now, Evelyn was nothing but a bag of skins and bones.

“Oh my…!” The sudden gasp broke the silence and Evelyn and Nora’s silent eye contact. “My baby girl!”

It was Lynette Blackburn, Evelyn's mother, and unlike Nora, Lynette was more than pleased to see Evelyn after so long. She dropped the new antique plate she bought from the market that morning. The beautiful china plate fell onto the floor and shattered into a hundred different pieces, the picture perfect view of a field of Apple Blossoms painted onto the plate shattered along with the artefact.

But Lynette paid no attention to the smashed plate, it meant nothing comparing to the delicate girl standing in front of her. With large strides, Lynette raced around the foyer and ran into her youngest daughter, burying her face in Evelyn's hair.

“I can’t believe it’s really you.” Lynette whispered while clinging onto her beloved daughter. “If this is a dream, then please, never wake me up.”

 Evelyn smiled and rested her head against the hollow between her mother’s neck and shoulder.

“It’s really me mum, I'm back…” Evelyn wrapped her arms around Lynette’s waist, realising how much weight her mother had lost as well comparing to the full, voluptuous figure she had before.

“Oh my baby, let me see you,” Lynette pulled back unwillingly so she could see Evelyn's face. “Oh my, aren’t those vampires feeding you in the Royal City?”

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