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outside of a church 

Twil: sitting on the dirt path leaning on the invisible wall that keeps undead like him from entering holy ground shrouded in a cloak staring off into the distance

???: hello mister, are you okay?

Twil: turns to see a little girl holding a basket behind him hmmmm physically, mentally, or spiritually?

little girl: thinks for a moment ummmm.... I don't know, father over there said I should see if your alright

Twil: did he now? turns more and sees a priest nervously handling a bottle of holy water and his bible 

little girl: yup!

Twil: how about you go grab him for me, id like to have a chat if it isn't a problem 

little girl: um okay shrugs and skips off to the priest, talks to him for a moment before skipping off into the chapel 

priest: nervously walking up to twil but staying firmly on the holy ground what do want daemon!

twil: chuckles daemon? no wonder the wall around this place is so weak, your a terrible priest stands up  I just have a question, does the archangel of honesty still hold a yearly conference?

priest: why would a daemon like you know about that!? glances nervously at the chapel

twil: looks at the chapel in surprise oh, the wall wouldn't harm cause shes here isn't she, not because your a bad priest... go get her for me

priest: you will not go near our lady! throws the bottle of holy water at twil

twil: grabs the bottle mid air, throwing off his cloak and drinks the bottle ignoring the sting

little girl: on porch of the chapel that's enough Simon, deep down I've been expecting him to show up walking down to twil 

Simon: but my lady

little girl: enough Simon, go back inside 

Simon: obeys and slowly walks into the chapel 

twil: last time i saw you, you looked like a grandma, that's quite the face change honesty

honesty: silent

twil: how many of the archangels are still alive, I know loyalty, virtue, and humility are dead

honesty: just me, justice, faith, and judgement

twil: sighs who became judgement?

honesty: Cain

twil: deeper sigh he was supposed to replace justice

honesty: silent

twil: did you know I'd become wrath?

honesty: no, no one did. I'm so sorry twil

Twil: laughs loudly I am too, as wrath I have to do what justice wont judge and what judgement ignores all while i cant even shed a tear over what must be done.

honesty: I will defend myself

Twil: I'd expect no less from you 

honesty: her body beginning to glow and and change to that of a faceless and gender-less angel  clad in strips of floating white cloth I wish there was an alternative

Twil: as do I throwing several daggers at honesty 

honesty: several of the strips of cloth leap into motion, batting the daggers aside

twil: draws a sword from his back and charges towards honesty, passing right through the  holy ground barrier

honesty: tell me, what was death like? has several strips of cloth shoot towards twil in the shape of spikes

twil: it was painful at first, but you knew that part dodges behind a grave stone and advances in between shots 

honesty: silent as new strips of cloth materialize and are launched towards twil 

twil: well it was boring for a while i couldn't move from where I died for a hundred years stalks closer cutting a few in half

honesty: and after?

twil: then the choice leaps towards honesty sword drawn

honesty: cries out in pain as the sword enters her chest

twil: watches as honesty starts disintegrating into strips of cloth starting from the wound at least the white door is still open to you.  I always found it fitting to have a name like innocence and become the archangel of honesty. stabs the sword into the ground before walking away

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