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"Y/n" you hear Niall softly singing as you slowly awake.
"Good morning beautiful" he says happily.
"Good morning Niall. Someone's happy this morning" you giggle, turning to look at him.
"It's a beautiful hot day outside, I have an amazing girlfriend, and the pool is looking awesome!" Niall says with the facial expression of a kid who has just discovered candy in their parents cupboard.
"You mean, the boys are coming over, and you're excited to get in the pool, and have fun?" you correct him.
"Yeaaah" he smirks.
"Well, I guess I better make myself scarce then" you sigh.
"What? No!" Niall pouts, "Whyyy...?" he whines.
"Because the boys are coming over, and you said the pool looked amazing and not me" you joke.
Niall thought you were serious.
"What? No, you look beautiful! It was a figure of speech, don't go." Niall says as he pulls a sad face.
You laugh. "Calm down, you big sook, I'm not going anywhere" you say as you lean over and kiss him sweetly which shuts him up.
Niall smiles. "I got breakfast" he whispers.
"Thanks, what you get?"
"Coffee and that thing you like" Niall says, not knowing what it's called. You just laughed, and went into the kitchen where Niall had left the breakfast. You both quickly ate before you changed into your strapless tub top and matching underwear.

You walked to the pool and started to tan while Niall attempted to splash you.
"Fail, Horan" you tease, as he couldn't seem to make the water reach you. He smirked before he got out and came over to you.
"Niall, you're dripping wet" you whine as he leans down and kisses you.
"Fail, ey?" he jokes and before you know it, the boys come pilling out, and Eleanor closes the front door.
"Does nobody lock doors these days" Liam puffs.
You laugh and say "Hi" but before you could say the word Niall picks you up and throws you in the pool.
"Niall!" you scream but hit the water, you rise to the surface and the rest of the boys jump in.
"Cannon ball!" Louis yells as he cannon balls in. Niall sits at the edge of the pool dangling his legs in the water looking at you all so innocently. You looked at him, before you asked him to help you out, he gave you his hand and you pulled him in.
"Like he didn't know you were gonna do that" Zayn says, and you splash Zayn, before Niall pulls you into his arms and kisses you sweetly.

The end.

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