Chapter four

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When I opened my eyes, the bright light which had engulfed me finally clearing up, I scanned my surroundings and immediately recognized that I was not in my room. Not in my house.
Not even in the same universe.
The world around me was one I had only ever seen inside my head. A town I created; Krowesville. This was the hometown for my characters; the consistent setting for the book I thought was just a fantasy. My brain was having a hard time catching up. My world? I was in my world?
The gears in my head weren't moving fast enough to comprehend what was happening to me. All that I knew was that I had somehow, in some impossible way, shape, or form, fallen headfirst into a world that I thought didn't exist.
Now, a normal person would freak out, maybe scream, call for help, and wonder how on earth they could return home. I, on the other hand, upon realizing just what had happened, immediately became overjoyed.
Oh my god, I thought. I'm in my perfect world!
I didn't dare to question it. This was exactly where I'd always wanted to be. Immediately, I began looking around, admiring the world I was seeing in person for the first time. It was even more beautiful than I'd pictured...
Around me was a world unlike any other.
Long, green grass, flowers everywhere, coating the air in a floral fragrance unlike anything I'd ever smelled in my life.
I was standing on the bridge; the tall, elegant stone bridge that arched, stretching just over a beautiful river which bubbled beneath me and branched down the way, all the way towards the horizon, seemingly endlessly.
Around me was the town itself; a town so magnificent that no words could convey its true beauty. The buildings were tall and well structured, most of them standing in paled colors. Surrounding me on both sides of the river, within my reach at the ends of the bridge, were people. None of them standing out to me in particular, more than likely holding no importance in the story, but I found them to be a sight nonetheless.
All of it was so overwhelming that it almost brought a tear to my eye.
My perfect world...
It was beautiful.
Bringing me out of my trance, someone not far from me cleared their throat. Snapping to attention, I began to feel embarrassed.
Oh, of course...!
People would be trying to cross over this bridge! I must've been in the way...
Gathering myself, I quickly turned.
"Oh! I'm sorry, I was just..."
And in that moment, I swore I could feel my heart stop. There, a mere yard from me at best, just across the bridge, was a face I recognized instantly.
His thick, dark hair that hung just into his sharp, luminous, ice blue eyes and his sculpted, handsome face were unmistakeable.
Standing before me now was the perfect manー the man of my dreams.
He was even more handsome than I'd imagined. He was absolutely, unmistakably, 100% perfect. He stood at 6'3 at least, a height I'd stretched a little the more I thought about how tall I was for a girl; with that in mind, my head would probably reach his shoulder if I stood next to him. Even though I'd created him myself, looking at him directly made me feel faint.
As I looked closer, I saw that there, clutched in his hand, was a piece of paper. And not just any piece of paperー a letter. A love letter. It took me mere seconds before I was completely aware of the scene that I was now a part of.
And that meant I had to move.
"Uh-uhm...!" I stammered, quickly scanning my surroundings for an escape route. Ignoring my frantic behavior, Ace kept his eyes squarely on me and held up the letter. "This... is from you, isn't it?"
I quickly shook my head in denial.
"N-no...! You must have me mistaken for someone else, haha..."
Evangeline had written that letter...!
This was supposed to be the scene where they meet for the first time...
I flusteredly looked all around the area. Where WAS she?
She was supposed to be waiting here on the bridge for Ace...!
That's right...
She was running late.
On her way, something comes up and she almost doesn't make it.
I had to stall him...!
"If you don't want to hear my answer, I'm just going to leave."
I instantly snapped to attention as Ace tried to turn away. Desperate, I reached out and grabbed his arm without thinking.
He turned back to face me and I almost melted under his steely gaze.
"U-uhm..." I struggled to find some way to make him stay, just a little while longer.
"I... I didn't write you the letter."

"You said that. If that's all, I'll just..."

"B-But I do like you!"

My face was burning as I stared up into his icy expression.
Oh, Paige...
You're really in it now...

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