Chapter 6 heading to the airport

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The door gradually opened as i tried to look away from whoever was trying to come in.

"faith?" I heard a silent voice ask.

I recognized the voice. It was my mom, but I wasn't up for talking. I wasn't going to hold back my tears. At this point in time I didn't really care anymore

"wh- what" I said stuttering and moving my pillow so I could see her face.

"what just happened? I saw Brett's car pull in front of our house, and then all of a sudden you ran inside slamming doors and Brett was begging me to let him in."

I was a little suprised that Brett actually stayed at my house begging my mom to let him in.

Maybe he really does care.

No! if he cared he wouldn't have chated on me and-

My thoughts were stomped on

"faith?? I asked you a question"

I jumped. My mom's voice alarmed me. I was still rewinding what had just happened over and over again in my head. So much as to where I almost forgot my mom was even in the room.

"Sorry, I ju- just I dont even know ugh" I began.

It was really hard to get words out, because I was crying so hard. I took a deep breathe and finished my sentence slowly.

"I got a text from Brett Telling me to come outside and..." by this time I was pacing around my room explaining to my mom what had just happened.

"And I couldn't find him at first so i started calling his name and looking around until i decided to walk around the corner.." I could feel the tears in my eyes getting heavier, but I told myself to be strong and not another tear escpaed from my eye. I started to talk again.

"Until I finally found his car and guess what?" I looked my mom straight in the eye until she answered.

She looked around for a bit as if she was scared to say what. Scared to know what happened. She looked at me with sad eyes.


"He was in the car making out with my worst enemy, Cynthia Mcglauclin."

"And the worst part is, the moment our eyes met, she smirked at me and held up Brett's phone. That's when I realized she had sent the text and the whole thing was a trap."

My mom apologized and pulled me in for a hug.

"Sweetie I'm so sorry" She said stroking my hair.

Her touch soothed me. I almost felt like a little kid again, My mom was there for me just like she always was in my early childhood. There was a long silence before anyone said anything again. We were just taking in the moment enjoying each other's company.

My mom knew how much i loved Brett. Back when I was in school she'd always have to come in my room late at night and tell me to get off the phone with him because our phone calls always lasted for about 4 hours. It was just an endless adventure with Brett. It never ever got boring. I was always at his house or he was always at mine. We were always laughing about something and talking about ideas for the future. He made me feel like life was worth living. But now, it was all gone, and things would probably never be the same again.

After my mom and I had a long discussion about Brett, she finally got out of my chair and started to leave my room to go downstairs.

"Remember what I said to you Faith. Don't hold onto someone with the inability to see your worth." and with that, she was gone.

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