Trust or betrayal?

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I woke up as I noticed that I was lying on a hospital bed. My arms and feet were bandaged. I had a small sting at ranch to my forearm with a needle that had a pack of fluid on a side. My whole body hurts and I was having a mini headace. I looked at my side and saw Ryan holding Hikari on his amrs. Hikari was sleeping and so was Ryan. I remembered how that car hit me and I was confused about how I got into that hospital.

I tried to sat upright but my back pained and I winced in pain,. "Ouch," I winced.

Ryan opened his eyes and woke up from his sleep. Ryan seemed worried and he quickly put Hikari on her comfy mini bed and rushed to me and hugged me. "You are wake," Ryan said as he kissed my forehead. "I was so worried."

I felt bad. I put my fingers on his cheek and whipped few tears that was falling from his eyes. Oh goodness. I have made Ryan really upset. But Ryan never cried and he is crying? Did I hurt him thst much? "I am sorry."

"Shhh . . ." Ryan said as he kissed my tears away that was falling down my cheek. "What were you doing in the parking lot? I woke up and couldn't found you and I got a phone call from Cassi and Will and they said that you were in the hospital. Do you know how worried I was? Hikari was crying the entire night. I was scared . . ." Ryan said as few tears came our from his eyes.

"Shhh . . ." I said as I whipped that tears from his eyes. "I am alright, Ryan."

"I didn't know what would have happened if something happened to you, Alexa. Why did you even went to the parking lot? And that too in the middle of the night. Why?" Ryan asked as he stopped me on his arms and made sure not to hurt me.

I didn't answer him, knowing that he would get upset.

"You know, you were unconscious for a couple of days. Doctor said that you should be wake up today and you did," Ryan said. "I should get the doctor to check you . . ."

"Okay," I said.

Ryan nodded and then kissed my forhead and pressed the button beside the bed. The doctor and the nurse came in the hospital room and saw me and Ryan.

"Thank goodness that you are alright, Mrs. Onice," the doctor said, checking my temperature. "How do you feel, Mrs. Onice?"

"I feel better but have a mini headace," I said.

The doctor nodded and signaled Ryan to talk to him alone. Ryan and the doctor went at a corner and have a mini conversation and after that, the doctor wrote some medicine name and gave it to Ryan. Ryan nodded and sat beside me.

"Mrs. Onice, you should be healed within a month," the doctor said.

"Thank you," I said.

The doctor smiled and left the room and went away.

Ryan pulled me on his lap, not hurting me and made me lean on his chest. "You shouldn't have went to the parking lot. Why did you went to the parking lot?"

"Um . . ." Should I tell Ryan about what Yumi said? But, isn't Ryan going to be hurt?

"Alexa," Ryan said as he held my chin and made me look at him. "Tell me what's going on, please? I have been noticing you since we came to Venice. You cat differently when we are alone and I try to stay away from me. Did I did anything to make you upset or angry?"


"Alexa, please love, tell me what's wrong?" Ryan said as he kissed my forhead and then my cheeks. "What's wrong, babe?"

"You will hate me when you know what I was thinking?" Or what I am still thinking.

"I can never hate you," Ryan said.

But you will once you know what I was thinking about you.

"Love, please tell me, what's wrong?"

"I . . . Yumi . . ."

"Yumi? Did she say anything to you to make you upset? What did she said?" Ryan asked.

"Um . . ." I looked away from Ryan and looked at the hospital room's flyers to avoide eye contact with Ryan. "Yumi tole me that . . ."

"Yumi told you what, Alexa?"

"Ryan . . . Forget it."

"Alexa," Ryan said as he made me looked at him. "What did Yumi told you?"

"Yumi told me that . . ." I didn't want to say what Yumi, I told me. I didn't want to have conflict in mine and Ryan's relationship.

"What? What did Yumi told you?"

"Yumi told me that . . ." I didn't want to say this to Ryan but he made me look at him and held me cheeks with his fingers. "Yumi told me that . . . " Tears were falling from my eyes. "That . . ." More tears fell from my eyes. "That you were great in bed with her," I said as I burst into tears.

Ryan seemed shocked and angry. "What the heck? Is she crazy? Why would she say something like and you believed her?" Ryan yelled and his eyes were filled with hurt.

I burst into cry as Ryan's eyes softened and he pulled me on his chest as I cried silently. I started to tell him everything that happened between me and Yumi. After sobbing a lot, Ryan whipped my tears and made me look at him.

"I am sorry Ryan. I know that I should tryst you but Scar seemed so much like you . . . And . . ." Before I could even finish what I was saying, Ryan crashed his lips on mine. Our kiss was passionate yet was filled wih hunger and sadness. Ryan kissed me slowly and his tongue played with my tongue. Ryan slowly pulled away from the kiss, making me blush. There were still tears on my cheeks and Ryan slowly whipped those tears. "I am sorry," I sobbed. "I know that I have to trust you . . ."

"But, do you?" Ryan asked me.

I looked at Ryan confusingly.

Ryan took my hand and put my hand on top of his chest, where his heart is. I could felt heart beat. "You know why my heart beats faster when I am with you?" Ryan asked softly as I shaked my head. "Because I love you, silly," Ryan said as he kissed my forhead. "My heart beats faster only for you not for her. I only love but not her. But what I want to know from you is, do you still trust me?"

I looked at Ryan and saw his eyes were filled with love. "Yes, I trust you," I said as I traced my finger on his cheek. "I trust you more . . . More than myself, Ryan."

Ryan smiled and then said, "Then I promiss you that I will never betray your trust. Whatever Yumi said is not true and I will prove her wrong. Give me some time and I promiss that between me and you, there is not any other woman or man, who can destroy our marriage, our relationship. I love you before, I still love you and I will love you, Alexa. There is no oher woman in my life who is this important to me as you are. Give me sometime to prove her wrong."

I nodded and hugged me. I really trust you a lot, Ryan and I do want you to prove Yumi wrong and to prove me wrong.

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