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Before I came to stay with my grandmother, I used to travel with my mother. Her name was Sasori, and she was beautiful, she was intelligent and she was by far the strongest woman I have ever known everything that I had wanted to be. But that was before I knew what she did for a living… she was an assassin she worked for Akatsuki. I lived with them for a little while they trained me from the time I could walk so when I said my first sentence I had mastered all Ninjutsu, Taijutsu’s and Genjustsu’s. I had unlocked my mother’s clan’s power that was in me at 4 and by the age of 5 I was able immune to all poisons and to both the Sharingan and Rinnegan. It was because of that, that Pain had suggested I go with my mother on a mission to gain knowledge from the Sand Village, but even though they didn’t tell me the real reason as to why I was going with mother I knew it was never a good thing. The journey to the sand village was rather quick considering mother gave me a piggy back their, mother and I had normal citizens clothes on to help us get around without making people aware of who my mother was.

“Why don’t you go and play while I go speak to Kazekage” mother said whiles pushing me towards the park.

 All children where huddled together shouting, as I walked closer I noticed that they where picking on a little boy his bright red hair shined under the sun’s light he had really light blue eye’s with thick dark eye lashes to frame them. The leader of the children had pushed him; making the red haired boy full over before the rest of the children ran away laughing. I could sense that he had an amazing level of chakra for someone so young, gazing around the park quickly before I walked over to him. I stood in front of him handing out my hand to him in which he looked at me confused and wearily

“You now your suppose to put your hand in mine so that I could help you up” I smiled at him as he put his hand into mine

Quickly I helped him up when the children came running over to me

“He’s a freak you don’t want to go playing with him I can tell you who would be right short” the leader of the group said

“I can help you with that” he held out his pale hand for me to take

 Looking back at red who looked at me sadly before I turned back at him

“That’s alright I think I can tell who the right sort are thank you” I replied narrowing my eyes at him before turning back at the boy

“My name is Yuki what is yours?” I smiled at him as I held out my hand to him

“Garaa my name is Garaa” he answered

“Well Garaa-kun will you be my friend” I asked me tilting my head to the side

“Why… why do you want to be friends with me” he questioned

“Because you are my friend and friends stick together” I replied

“Come…come on let play on the swings” I took his hand and dragged him to the swings.

We had spent the whole day talking and playing, it was by sun set when mother had arrived

“Come Yuki it’s time to go” My mother called out to me holding out her hand to me turning back to Garaa I gave him a sad smile

“I have to go now Garaa I don’t know when I would see you again we travel you see” said rather reluctant to leave him when I saw two seashells picking them up I handed him the blue one

“Here you have one and I have one and when ever you’re lonely or scared all you got to do is hold on to it and think of me and I would do the same because were friends now” I smiled at him as he took the shell from me smiling back at me

“Bye Garaa I hope we see each other again” I said waving good bye to him as I took mother’s hand we walked out of the village.

When were we’re out of site mother put me onto her back before running back to head quarters. Mother and I spilt up she went to give her report to Pain whiles I went to my room going straight to my bed as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a lamp. Several hour’s later I stirred feeling like I was moving instead of being in my bed this instantly made me panic. I opened my eye suspiciously but calmed down when I noticed that it was mum carrying me which had coursed me to be puzzled

“Mum where we going” I asked still slightly sleepy but alert at the same time mum didn’t respond until we got closer to a wooden house in a middle of a clearing their where flowers of many kinds scattered all over the place.

 The house it self was made from wood with smoke coming from the chimney it. The sun had begun to rise as mum placed me on my feet.

“Yuki-Chan my beautiful strong little princess it’s not save for you any more I can’t let you go down the same path that I did it’s not safe for either of us” she said her voice was cracking as tears glistened in her eye’s waiting for their time to fall, but my emotions betrayed me and tears began to full as I realised what she had meant.

“Mummy please don’t go I’ll get stronger so you wont have to protect me please don’t leave me I’ll be a good girl please don’t leave me” my voice was quivering as I shook

“Baby girl you won’t be alone that house it belongs to your grandmother you are going to live with her look after her for me will you baby girl” Mum said she handed me a letter “Give this to your grandmother it will explain everything”

She gave me one last kiss and cuddle before she vanished leaving me standing staring after her. I closed my eye’s took a deep breath before wiping my eye’s and face from any emotion before I walked to the door and knocked. Inside you could hear movement and cluttering noises before the door opened to reveal an old lady. She had a stern face but her eyes gave her away as they soften at the sight of her. She wore a long nave blue skirt with a whit blouse and green shore, her white hair was tide into a bun upon her head.

“So who might you be and why you are here… how old are anyway” the old lady asked narrowing her eyes down at me

“My name is Yuki Hatake my mother brought me here she told give you this letter and I am 5 years old” I answered as I handed her the letter my mother had given me for her

She opened the letter looking at me curiously before reading the letter. I stood observing her and her expressions as they widened in shock by the time she had finished reading the letter she blinked away her shook.

“Come in then child” she said standing aside to let me in before closing and locking the door behind me

The house was rather large considering it looks smaller on the outside but I guess looks can be deceiving. It was rather simple yet it held a warm friendly homely vibe there wasn’t many walls inside just pillars making the inside bigger then if their was walls, There was many photos that surround a large fire place that was covered in stone on the wall on right hand side with sofa’s and comfy single