Chapter Seventeen

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An hour later Hayden and I looked around at the pile of possessions in the hall by the front door. My baby brother looked utterly satisfied and kept reaching over to hold my hand, a smile on his face as he asked me if it was a dream or not.

My heart glowed at the fact that I could assure him it was not a dream.

Nathaniel had come up to my brothers room and helped us pack his things and then mine after a short fifteen minutes. Looking out the window had shown me my dad getting into his car and speeding off.

After that, no one had come to stop us. Jessica had appeared but she'd only looked at us with a quiet and guarded expression. It looked to me as if she'd been checking if the things we packed we only OUR things and not any of the valuables. As if she thought we'd steal them.

She'd been satisfied about that very quickly and had instead turned her attention on Nathaniel. Of course he'd draw her attention with his looks, he looked beautiful enough to fit right in among her many 'conquests'.

Her attention to him had pissed Nathaniel off enough that he'd snapped at her and then excused himself to make a few phone calls from his car. He hadn't come back inside the house yet but I knew he was waiting right outside.

I was however a little worried if we'd be able to get everything inside the car. I mean... His car was fast and pretty but it didn't exactly have enough space. Not for all the bags and boxes.

A look at the pile told me it wasn't that much though. I had only two bags of clothing and a box filled with books, a small bag filled with some nicknacks and things I'd salvaged from my mother. While Hayden had more or less the same amount of bags and boxes.

When I opened the door however I saw Nathaniel's car driving away, speeding around the corner. For a moment I stared at it in shock... Did he just leave me here?

'Here let me carry that,' Nathaniel appeared by my side and took the bag and the box I'd been carrying from my arms. He looked at Hayden and then winked, 'You're a strong boy, you don't need any help at all.'

Waiting for us was Missy with a bigger and much more practical station wagon. This car could easily hold all four of us and our luggage. 'Hey Amy, Elliot and I thought this car would come in handy,' Missy greeted me.

The car was loaded in no time and Hayden couldn't stop babbling about all kinds of things that he wanted to do and see to Missy. It was quite obvious that Missy adored my baby brother as much as I did.

As we drove off I noticed Eliza standing on the steps at the front door. A look on her face that seemed intrigued but she waved and send us a tentative smile when she noticed Hayden was waving at her.

'You know... I feel sorry for her,' said Missy from the backseat.

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