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"Marriage? I can barely stand to hear your name brought up in conversation and you want me to marry you?" Eva hissed as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"This ain't my idea baby, and the feeling is mutual. Look we marry and bring together two of the biggest clubs in the country. You help us with the money from your trading, and we give you product to trade. Plus, it will get these FBI pricks off our backs, and it might show good faith to the clubs." Jax smirked as he sat at the front of the table, the large reaper staring at Eva as she stood up, not in the mood to sit calmly.

"And what else Jax? You get to put me as a notch on your bed?" Eva smirked as she tossed her hair over to one side, revealing her black widow tattoo.

"Honey, you ain't goin near my bed okay? The repulsion you have for me, is how I feel about you." Jax hissed as he stood, his hand-held out. Eva sighed and ran her hands through her hair, her mind going over the fact that they had lost their biggest supplier. No supplies meant no money, no money meant the club was finished. When she had been patched over as President of the Renegades, she never thought that this moment would ever happen, in fact this was her nightmare.

"Deal, I will marry you Jax Teller."

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