-A letter, your majesty.

It as been five days since we sent the messenger bird to Odis' castle and it returned with a new paper. The bird was calm and let itself be taken by the little man who served my father. He read.

-My, what a delicious deal. But I'm afraid to inform you that King Odis is gone and won't come back. Although he is gone, this deal sure interests me. I knew Odis was popular but for he's most favorite enemy to make a deal with him, the girl must be special. I am an enchantress as well and am very curious to meet you, young lady. With or without the beast that serves you as a dog. Oh, fear not, I'm not observing, it's just rumored, they travel fast. I would like to meet you, anytime, anywhere just let me know.
It's signed: Neziah

My father seemed troubled, his eyes looking all around the room. The name seemed to have somewhat awakened something in him. Like a long lost friend. His face seems pulled from every way, he looked like he would fall into tears.

-My daughter, Neziah is... Oh, David, I can not tell her. Please.

David, the little man who read, what a bit older than me. His red ginger hair was like fire and his face calm and serene. I say little but he was quite taller than me. About the same height as Ethan. David nodded and looked at me with his rightful green eyes.

-Princess, your mother was... attacked, by Neziah.

-David! How many time have I told you not to lie?

Marshall showed up out of nowhere like he does a lot lately. The poor reader lowered his head, wanting to defend himself. "The King ask me to say the truth" The old gramps answered quickly "of course he did, Keera come with me" But as he called me, my father stood up unhappy of the situation going on. The truth would be revealed to me and he feared it. But why? What could he be hiding? I needed to find out.

-Father, if you're hiding something from me, I will find out. It's your choice.

I left with Marshall, Ethan on my heels. We walked to the library, where the old man asked us to sit and wait until he comes back.

-What do you think this is about? Asked my protector.

I didn't answer, I was concentrated about the same fact but was trying to figure it out. I needed to know what was my father hiding from me.

-There it is. Here, Ethan, I know Keera has been teaching you how to read. This book contains answers you might have been seeking for a couple of years. For you Keera, I have your mother's journal. Before she leaves she gave it to me, putting me in charge of giving it to you when the moment is right. I believe it is.

We both open our book and inside was a ton of answers to our biggest questions. I and the wolf started our digging reading every page, the man stopping me sometimes from helping him with a word. It was so much information we didn't know where to start.

-Keera, come and see what I found.

It was a little drawing of a family, the two adults, a little boy and a bigger girl. They looked about 4-5 years apart of age. Ethan turned the image to check the back where something was writing: Elizabeth, Magnus, Ethan, and Victoria.

-Could that be your family? I gently demanded over his shoulder.

-Yes! It as to be. I mean this kid looks exactly like me, but younger. It as to be.

Marshall was sitting right in front of us, is a little grin on the side and listening to everything we shout. He seemed to know something but left us with our thoughts. Ethan and I kept looking trough the book to find another hint on his family.


Finally, I found something on my origin, my family. Keera looked even more existed than me. Suddenly, as we kept looking for answers the princess screamed.

-Ethan, I have it, see: "Neziah of Baldrom. Daughter of Meltot and Josia, older sister of Edrea. At a very young age, Neziah started showing signs of magic. Her parents were extremely cautious with their daughter at everything she tried, but not her sister. Naturally, she was too young to understand, but Neziah loved her very much and tried to be careful with her. Sadly one day, on Edrea's birthday, the older sibling went mad, somebody had done something awful and she blamed her sister for it. Still today I do not know what happened and who did the trouble. What I can tell you for sure is that as a revenge, Neziah cursed her little sister with infinite scars. It states that Edrea will forever, once every year on her birthday, be marked with a burning scar on her chest. Since then, The Mad Witch, as the village called her, as disappeared into the wild. So far even I, her fellow butler haven't heard of them.

Keera had such a beautiful voice, it always felt like a dream when she started reading. Her soft voice was never stuttering like me when I try to pronounce the words, she had a perfect harmony with the sound of each syllable.

-Maybe we could try finding her. Nizeah's younger sister. I offered.

She seems to consider that option. ''Are you thinking of something else'' I added.

-Well, I thought you would want to look for your family first. No?

I smiled. ''Keera, protecting this place and its people is much more important today, as you are my family.''

The princess blushed, not waiting for such an answer. ''You are so pathetic Ethan...''


He jumped, I bet he couldn't believe I told him that. I giggled a bit ''pathetically sweet.'' I laughed while he smiled, his eyes gazing into mine.

- What are you waiting for, an adventure await you, children. Hurry! Go get your bags and hop on your horses, run wild into other kingdoms and learn a new thing every day. Let's go!

Marshal had that serious expression, his pupil seems extremely small although the lighting was average. He really wanted us to leave on the horse and explore the other worlds.

'' I agree with Marshal, a little adventure wouldn't hurt. '' Ethan confirmed.

On these two statements, my protector and I looked at each other and nodded. We decided to run to our room and pack to leave for our journey. Just as I was out the door I back up and grabbed Ethan's family book or what I thought it was and the one on Neziah and Edrea. Out I was, ready for an exploration with a wolf.

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