End of Year Party

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May 7,2016
  Dear Diary,
Today was the end of the year party at the school. I had a great time! Jessica was there. I just realized I haven't talked to her in forever. Mel looked super pretty today. She wore a purple cardigan with jeans and high boots. I loved the look! I'm going to miss all of my friends. Next year is grade 7! WOOP! I'm going to be in a new school with new people! Well,other than the party,Jozlyn is having her birthday next week. She's turning 10. I'm so proud of my sister. Jason is starting kindergarten next year! He's getting so big! I am content with my life right now. By the way,Mel just texted me saying ~Love you,boo! Had fun 2day! -Mel😘
I love her so much. Bye!
                                  Love You,
                                  ~Jadis~ Xx

**Hey guys! How do u like it so far? Comment and tell me who u imagine Mel and Jadis as. I imagine Jadis as young Lindsey Lohan,and Mel as Christina Grimmie.
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            **Love you cuties!!😜Xx**



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