Confederacy... ;-;

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America: *shrill screeching*

Fall: .... that doesn't sound good...

Prussia: Maybe England's kicking his arse for being late kesesese~!

England: I'm right here

Prussia: Damn...

Germany: Well maybe we shou-

Russia: No, he's fine. Just lock the doors from the inside so he can't get to safety da?

Germany: Damn it Russia what did you do?

Russia: Noth-

America: IVAN I HATE YOU!!!!!!

Confederacy: DIE UNION DIE!!!

Germany: Ja, you did nothing....

Russia: *shuts door and locks it from the inside*

Denmark: I can't hear anything anymore

America: *banging on the door* HELPPPPPPP

Denmark: I spoke too soon.

Prussia: *sighs* Ivan open the door

Russia: *opens door*

America: *falls inside looking like he just went straight through hell* CLOSE IT!!!!

Confederacy: UNION GET BACK HERE!!!

America: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Fall: ...This is normal.

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