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Dad finally arrived home, still dressed in his chef uniform from the restaurant.

He grinned impishly at both Jordan and I, who were impatiently waiting for him in the living room. We were both trying to watch TV to contain our hunger, and with him back, I could finally satisfy my famished stomach.

Both of us quickly hit the chairs without care and started devouring the zucchini noodles Mom had prepared previously. It was still really warm and its mouthwatering taste was exploding inside my tongue. At this point, I didn't even care if it was good or not... I just needed to eat and that was all.

"Wow, they must be starving because of me," Dad chuckled, "Marina, why won't you just let them eat first?"

"It's a tradition in the family that we all have to eat at the same time," Mom reasoned, dismissing his regards, "besides, Jordan might also finish up your portions as well."

Jordan continued devouring his dinner, but he made a face, narrowing his eyes at the noodles like it was its fault. I held my laughter back while I was chewing on my own food, and his dark eyes quickly glittered at me. He shook his head, and used his only escape; his gadget.

Seeing him doing so, I also did the same. I checked my phone for any new messages, hoping for, at least, one or two.


I sighed softly at the sight of the blank screen, but I knew that all of my friends were busy. Aly and Naomi were probably still with their volley team, and Sam was handling her student council duties. Edward was probably on his shift, and I wouldn't be surprised if he worked overtime again.

On the other side, I really had nothing to do but tidying up my stuff for school tomorrow, continuing my biology project, and struggling with homework. Maybe... I should do some extracurricular activity to keep myself busy, but... I'm not fond of any of them.

Spamming my friends about their whereabouts was definitely not a good idea, unless they clearly wanted attention from me. Edward and Aly are going to view me as a clingy friend.

Eating the last portion of my food and placing the plate into the dishwasher, my mind shifted to Adelynn and Seb. Realization dawned upon me that I didn't have their phone number yet, so I couldn't text them. I wasn't really close with Mark, but I could ask him about the biology project, which deadline was in a few more days.

"You're so restless when your boyfriend didn't text you," out of the blue, Jordan remarked as he curled his lips. The worst thing was that I was drinking, so I nearly burst everything out.

"I told you he's not my b-boyfriend!" I whispered loudly as I impulsively slammed the empty glass into the sink, making a thudding sound. Thank God Mom and Dad didn't seem to hear that.

"So, what are you frustrated for?" He followed me into the living room.

"N-None of your business."

"I know I shouldn't care," Jordan breathed, "but I have something to tell you."


"Honestly, I don't like that guy you're with. I mean, just look at him," he crossed his arms, "he's like one of those annoying emos and punks in my school."

My nostrils flared at his judgement, while an intense feeling spread throughout my body in less than a second. I wrapped my fingers tightly around my phone as I felt my brain trembling.

"He's not a punk or an emo," I argued.

"Yes he is."

"No he's not!"

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