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I managed to maintain my composure in that one hell of a math class without major problems. Even so, there was still a question engraved inside my mind: what in the world was with all of those numbers?!

I continued to do my other classes, but without Edward, as he was replaced by Aly and Naomi. On the other side, Aly didn't seem to have any struggles with calculus and brushed it off like it was nothing for her.

"Math's a piece of cake for me. It's just calculating a bunch of specific numbers, and you just have to arrange it properly using formula or logic." She had told me in a very calm voice. Apparently, her brain was suitable for counting and all of this stuff. Not to mention, she ranked in the second place when she joined math competition last year. I guess I wasn't on par with these types of people.

"I m-mean, I u-understand the log thing, but the process is just so complicated! I just don't understand how you cancel out the square root and all of those numbers!" When lunch break punched the clock, I decided to vent all of my frustration out to her.

"Don't be so stressed out, Rena! Allow me to help you with them!" Aly boasted as she pointed her thumb onto herself, acting like she was victorious over all of us. I stretched my mouth to throw her a grin, while on the other hand, Naomi wasn't that impressed. She suddenly started smirking as if she got a good joke.

"What happens when Rena is stressed out in biology?" She retorted, and chuckled loudly when Aly's bright face cracked into pieces. She helplessly let her arm fall to her side as her hardened eyes stared at her feet. If they were lasers, the floors would already be on flames.

"That's..." Aly paused and heavily hesitated, "that's the other way around, I guess... we can help each other..."

She laughed sheepishly as her fingers fidgeted, before she trailed her gaze at me, giving me some sort of a distress signal, "after all, Rena was never stressed out in biology, right?"

Naomi suddenly howled out in laughter, earning some funny looks from students nearby. At the same time, Aly's eyebrows furrowed to the center, as she snapped her head towards Naomi, giving her dozens of daggers from her smoldering look.

"Oh my God, your face is so priceless, woman! You're making my insides hurt! Imma go cry a river!!" Naomi's eyes began to well up in tears as she pointed a finger at Aly. She doubled over, cradling her stomach as she continued guffawing. Naomi has definitely gone too far...

"Don't fucking mock me!" Aly snapped over her friend's voice, as pink hues began to sweep over her cheeks. She proceeded throwing a fist at Naomi's shoulders, but given her athletic skills, she avoided it effortlessly. She continued chuckling and cast her an amused look. She started striding faster from Aly as she effortlessly dodged her predictable attacks.

"Hey, come back here, you twat!" Aly, now all worked up, started chasing over her. I didn't quicken my pace to pursue after them, and just kept on walking casually. I let out a sigh and just shook my head.

As I slowly went down the stairs, Florence suddenly appeared from the second floor, noticeable from her childish hairstyle and the way her fringes fell over her head. She had her gaze completely focused on her novel. When she drew nearer, I started to make note of her dyed dark green hair.

I wanted to greet her, but for some reason... something was holding me back from doing so. Not to mention, her gaze deviated towards me when we both crossed ways.

"Oh, it's you," Florence muttered as she put her book down, "the girl who has an uncontrollable crush on Mr. Grumpy."

"H-h-hi...!" I finally managed to gesture my hand at her, but my voice came out in a high-pitch squeak. Why the hell would I do that?!

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