Chapter 1 - Oh Crap.. (Edited)

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Alexis Sierra

*Please read Loving Blake Coster first before reading this because Sebastian and Alexis's relationship already starts 2 years ago*

"I'm back!" I announced and the girls squealed. They ran to me and hugged me really tightly

"I missed you so so much!" Charlotte said.

"Misses you so much too" Nicole said in a sad tone.

"She's back girls.. for good" Jean announced and I smiled.

"Let's get to work" James suddenly walked to us.

"James!" I squealed and hugged him.

"Ohhh You're back babe?"

"Of course.. I missed you so much James" I said and he laughed. He suddenly stopped and looked at us with a serious face.

"Let's get back to work" He walked away and we laughed. Walking to the set and taking my wings back. I missed my wings.. 2 years of vacum makes me miss my job as a model. I really miss this, walking confident on a stage with the most fashionable bras and panties.. lastly wings.

Being an Angel makes us special, not just be VS brand ambassador but.. wearing wings. Only Angel can wear that and why did I let myself take off this wings for 2 years? Why?

"Hey is there something wrong?" Jean asked.

"Nah.. just happy getting these wings back" I looked at my beautiful white wings.

"I missed you" She hugged me and I smiled.

"Missed you too.. how's the twins?"

"Twins are great and cute as always" She answered.

"Awwww I miss seeing them"

"Girls!" James asked us to gather, we're shooting a commercial right now, and new edition sports bra. We walked to the set and James started to direct us. Giving us orders what to do and he starts to seperate us into teams.

"3..2.. Action!" First day back working again gives me tingles. It's like my first day in VS while I've already worked here for years.

Shooting for 4 hours and at last we're done. Changing everything back to my clothes and preparing to shoot an interview. VS team has announce my comeback and the press are going to interview me.

"Good evening to our beautiful Angel, Alexis Sierra" The camera started to roll and I smiled.

"Good evening"

"At last.. One of our best Angels has comeback after 2 years of vacum. How are you feeling?" She asked.

"Well.. Excited, I really missed being here and taking my wings and title back"

"So you're going to be on the show this year right?"

"Of course I will, make sure you'll watch us on CBS" I smiled at the camera.

"Where were you all this time? You suddenly dissapeared without any trace, your fans have been looking for you and we're a little bit worried" I smiled awkwardly but manage to handle my expression.

"That's a little bit private, let's move on shall we?"

"Sebastian Cesborn" Everytime I hear his name, all I want to do is to kill him. I hate him with all my life.

"We saw you and Sebastian Cesborn had a thing? Is it true?" She asked and I chuckled.

"Jean Verodine is Blake Samuel's wife. Blake and the 7 Gold Lifes are friends so is it weird for me to know Sebastian?" I said simply.

"How about this?" My eyes widen as I saw my photos walking out from his house in the morning.. 2 years ago.

Yes 2 years ago, a really long time right?

"Oh.. We're not in that relationship if you guys want to know. There's nothing between us. Besides that's 2 years ago, that's such a long time ago" I said in a 'that's so last year' tone. I'm starting to get pissed off but thank God she started to ask another thing.

"Thank you for your time Alexis, you're really sweet"

"Thank you for interviewing me"

"Can't wait to see you walking at that runaway"

"Don't forget to watch the Victoria Secret Show in 3 months" I blew a kiss to the camera and winked. The shooting ends. I closed my eyes and take a deep breath.

"Alexis!" I turned to see Joan turned to me. Joan is my manager and I raised my eyebrows.


"Do you have someone who hits on you these days?" She asked

"What are you saying?"

"Do you have a boyfriend?" What?!

"No" She suddenly put a green envelope in front of me and I looked at it confused I turned to her.

"Where is it from?"

"A staff gave it to me and it says Alexis so I decided to give it to you" I nodded and just looked at it. Suddenly my hands reach it.

I opened it slowly and pulled out the letter inside. My eyes widen and I drop the letter after I read it. I quickly walked out from my make up room and ran outside. I looked around and stomped my feet annoyed.

Nothing between us Lexy?

Nothing between us?


- Sebastian

"How dare he!"

"Who?" I jumped as Jean suddenly appeared beside me.

"You scared me" I glared at her.

"How dare who?"

"Sebastian send me a letter" I said honestly and Jean's eyes widen. She has the same expression like me.

"What did he write?"

"I don't know why and how he knows this but I mentioned that 'There's nothing between us' at my interview suddenly he sends me 'Nothing between us?' letter that shocked me. He must be here listening! Or he has his men here!" I bursted angrily.

"2 years Lexy, isn't it now the time for you and him to talk like an adult?" I turned to her.

"Never, I will never see and meet him again. Not in a million years" I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

"He's looking for you and he even asked me again and again. I'm tired of lying"

"So he pretended to care and look for me? He never cared. Wow" I clapped my hand sarcastically.

"1 year and 7 months looking for you, sending so many trusted people to look for you all over America and Asia.. and Australia" I turned to see Sebastian standing there giving me a dark expression. I looked at him in horror.

Oh.. crap!

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