Chapter 12

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(song for the chapter "Never say never" by The fray)

I flutter my eyes open to see that we're still in the car . I look to my side to see my sweaty hand print marked on the glass window . Thank goodness the windows are black tinted so you can't see from the outside to the inside . Only from the inside to the outside . Natsu starts sturring and then wakes up .

I smile at him and cover myself with the blanket he put over us after we cough cough had our moment . He smiles back at me and traces his index finger up and down my arm . It's a soothing sensation so i let him . "What time is it ?" he asks me out of nowhere . I pick up my phone from the car floor and check . "9:37 pm . " I lock my phone again and put it in the front seat .

"Wow ... almost a whole day making love . That's a new record . Wanna know the best part of it ?" He asks me smirking . "What?" i ask him smiling and sitting on his lap . "That it was in my car . You made my biggest fantasy come true . " I suddenly sweat drop and smack the back of his head . "Ow! what was that for?!" he asks me . "That was it you idiot ?!?! I thought you were gonna say something romantic ..." i mumble the last part .

He chuckles and moves the hair out of my face . "That wasn't even it . The best part is that it was with you ." he says and kisses me . I kiss him back . His hands travel up and down my body and his fingers trace my curves . He slips his tongue into my mouth and it turns into a heated makeout session .

I tug on his hair and he bites my bottom lip tugging on it with his teeth . He pushes his member into me and rocks me slowly against him . We start panting at the sudden pleasuring sensation . He kisses my neck and my shoulders while i moan his name .

"Your mine . And only mine . Forever you will be mine . " He says and we continue our steamy moment .

Timeskip to when they're driving back home .

"Hey , Natsu ?" i look at him while he's driving . He nods for me to continue . "Thanks for today and tonight . Also I'm sorry for being so bitchy at school it wasn't polite of me to just lash out on you like that so I'm really sorry...I hope we don't have a nasty fight like that again . I don't like fighting with you . " I say and look down .

"Via don't apologize there's no need for that . When we fight it means we love eachother . If we didn't fight it means we don't care at all for eachothers feelings . And for today and tonight don't worry there will be much more where that came from . " He looks at me and winks . I lean over and kiss his cheek . He smiles .

Suddenly the moment was ruined by my stomach growling . I blush and look away .
"You hungry Via?" he asks me . I nod my head yes still blushing . "Mhm...sorry ..." i mumble ashamed . "You don't have to say sorry for being hungry . It's normal in everyone okay . So don't be ashamed . Plus I'm starving the last time i fed on someone to actually suck their blood almost leave them dry was 2 weeks ago . Trust me I'm really starving . " He says and his fangs are showing . I nod my head okay .

"So where to ?" he asks me . I think . I'm in the mood for anything really plus I'm hungry so it doesn't really matter . "I don't know Natsu you pick as long as i eat I'm good to go . " I say . He nodded . "Wanna go to Wendy's and get drive through?" He asks me . "Yeah ." I say excited . He chuckles and grabs my hand , kissing it .

After they go get their food and eat it

I smile eating my last french fry while Natsu silently sips on his cup full of blood . Yeah he just stopped at his friends house to get some blood bags . He just grabbed my empty cup and put the blood in there and sipped on it . We're still driving around since I wanted to see the city when it's at night while we drive .

I check the time to see that it read 1:37 am. Wow time flies when you're having fun . And by fun i mean any type of fun winky wink . I look out the window looking at the city buildings and the lights . It all looks so beautiful . I sigh and close my eyes smiling . You know now that i think of it my life has changed in a sense . Meeting Natsu was one of the best things that ever happened to me .

He is that little ray of sunshine that guides me through darkness. He makes me happy . He makes me feel safe . He protects me from everything and anything that wants to cause me harm . He's what i call my knight in shinning armor . I suddenly feel tired and just let myself drift off into a peaceful sleep . Let me rephrase that a peaceful sleep... for now...

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