Chapter 11

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(song for the chapter "Love me like you do" by Ellie Goulden)

I just looked out the window . I was still mad . I cooled down a bit just a bit . He just drived and had this really tight iron grip on the wheel like it if it was gonna run away from it if he let it go , plus his  knuckles were white . I couldn't help but burst into laughter . He looks at me with a weird face and continues driving .

"The hell got into you Via . " He asks me while driving . I try to control my laughter . "It's just that the way you're holding the wheel it looks like you're trying to keep it there and if you let it go it will run away . " I keep laughing . He suddenly shakes his head but a smile slowly creeps its way on his face until he is laughing too . We keep laughing until he suddenly stops driving and parks in the middle of nowhere .

I look at him very confused . He looks at me and gives me a faint smile . I'm still confused . "Where are we? Why did we stop in the middle of nowhere ?" i ask him fear suddenly taking over me . He looks at me and puts a finger over my lips . "Shhh...I just needed to get out of there . Plus i had to tell you something and i couldn't do it there . Those dogs were everywhere . " Natsu says with a look of anger on his face .

" what did you have to tell me ?" i ask him already curious as to what it was . He chuckles and pecks my lips me kissing back confused . "You're so impatient and curious Via . " I pout when he says that and cross my arms over my chest . "Hmph ." He laughs . "I'll tell you but let's go take a walk." He tells me and is already on my side of the car opening the door for me . Curse his vamp speed . I sometimes envy it .

"Okay so you know vampires exist ...well you know that witches exist ...have you ever heard of hybrids ? " he tells me while we walk . "Yeah i have grandfather actually told me stories about them . They were supposed to protect us from the 'walking dead' (she means vampires , in some books i've read and urban legends they refer to them as the walking dead) like you Natsu . " I say and giggle .

He looks at me . "Hey you're the mate of this 'walking dead'  . " He says pointing at himself . I nod . "I know but , I never asked for it now did I ?" I ask him teasingly .  He pouts . "Well sorry you're here stuck with me if you want just leave and never come back . At least you'll have that 'normal' teenage life that these idiotic people seem to never stop speaking of . " He says and looks away and to the ground .

I hug him from behind . "I don't want that ever ...because if i did have that life ...I wouldn't have met or known my reason to live ..." I say . He clasps my hand . "You're my reason of existance too Juvia . I hope you know that when you're not around it kills me . I feel like a part of me was torn away . Like it literally hurts me i have a pain in my chest because what i am to protect isn't around me to protect . " He tells me and turns around holding both of my hands . 

"I love you Natsu . " I say tearing up . "I love you too Juvia . " He says and kisses me . I kiss him back . It suddenly starts to rain . We just continue kissing . He pins me to a tree and wraps my legs around his waist .  I wrap my arms around his neck and tug on his hair . Soon we're having a battle of tongues . He wins . He pulls away . "Wanna take it further ?" He asks me . I nod my head and he doesn't hesitate and carries me to the car .

He opens the backseat door and lays me down and gets in . He closes the door . He goes ontop of me and kisses me . I kiss him back and tangle my fingers into his hair . He unbuttons my shirt just like i do with his . He takes his shirt off me doing the same with mine . He unbuttons his pants and pulls down his zipper . I slip my semi short plaid skirt off . He already has his pants off and was starring at me this whole time .

I notice he also spreaded the backseat which is pretty cool . "What ?" i ask him blushing . "You're just so damn beautiful . " He says and kisses me laying me down again . "And the best part is're...all...mine..." he says between kisses . "You sure you wanna do this ?" he asks me . I nod my head yes and he kisses me again . We take our underwear off and well yeah . The car was filled with our pants and moans . But it wasn't the wild and crazy was gentle and felt nice could actually feel the love ...

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