xxxv. eyes for her

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"You ready, Ind?" Harry asked, knocking his knuckle against the bathroom door. He pulled on the knot of his tie to loosen it around his neck, finding it to tight for comfort. He looked over at Gwen who stood with River, quietly arguing with him over nothing. He rolled his eyes before turning his attention back to the door. "Love?"

"Come in," Indie quietly answered him and he opened the door to find her standing in front of the mirror, finishing her make-up up. She brushed the deep cherry red lipstick along her bottom lip, filling it out to compliment her tanned skin tone.

The corner of his lip curled up as he looked over her top half, finding it only covered by a black bra and her bottom, from the waist down holding up the full skirt of the dress. It puffed out around her and settled just at the lower half of her thigh.

"Hey, can you help me with this?" She asked, gesturing to the black dress not even taking notice that he was staring at her in complete awe.

"Sure," he nodded and closed the door quietly behind him before walking towards her. He waited for her to put her arms through the sleeves and allow him to tie the back.

"Hang on," she reached across the counter grabbing a package of things. She unclasped her bra and set it in the sink before pasting the stickers over her nipples. "Enjoying the view?" She laughed as she lifted the front of her dress up to cover her torso.

"Always," he smirked at her through the reflection. Indie scrunched her nose up at him and held the black piece tight to her body while Harry grabbed the thick strings to each side and tied them together into a neat bow. It being the only thing hold the top of the dress together.

"Does this look alright?" She asked and turned in the mirror to get a side view of herself.

"You look amazing," he smiled softly and kiss her shoulder. "I really don't think you've ever looked better," he assured her as he ran his hands down her arms and laced his fingers with her as he wrapped his arms around her body. "Have I ever said how amazing you are?"

"Plenty but I'll never get sick of it," she smiled and turned around, her hand resting on his jaw as she kissed him. "I just need to let my hair out of my curlers and toss this stuff in my bag."

"Can I stay?" He asked. "Gwen and River are arguing."

"Over what?" She laughed as she took the large curlers out of her hair, letting the large curls to fall onto her shoulder and settle over the high straight collar of the dress.

"Who knows?" He rolled his eyes. "I think it's more Gwen than it is River."

"I don't know," she hummed. "River can be pretty dramatic when he wants to be."

"More dramatic than my nineteen-year-old sister?" He asked as Indie finished up what she was doing.

"Come on, we better get going," she offered her hand to him, helping him off the ledge of the bathtub. Harry grabbed her waist and kissed her once more before willingly opening the door to entered the real world again. Indie quickly escaped it again as she ran off to the bedroom to finish the final pieces to her packing while Harry stood watching Gwen who had a sour look on her face.

"What's wrong?" He asked as she leaned into the counter.

"Nothing," River laughed. "Gwen just doesn't want to go and I told her she has too."

"Sorry Gwen, I'm with Rive on this one," Harry chuckled.

"Awe," Indie hummed happily as she skipped out into the kitchen, now in a red suede leather looking jacket and a dark shade of matching booties. "You called him Rive," she laughed, not sure why that made her as happy as it did. "My two boys," she pinched River's elbow and poked Harry. "You look good, friend."

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