Chapter 9: His Holiness

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Third person view

Jimin stood there in shock. Master? What was this guy even doing here? And Jimin swear that Taehyung had mentioned this guy's name.

"Uh, I'm Jimin. Park Jimin."

"Ah, I see. Master's guest, eh? Do you want something to drink?" Jimin wanted to slap this guy's face.

"No. It's okay. I'll just go into his room now."

Baekhyun nodded and went back into his room, locking it.

That dude's cute, Baekhyun thought.

Confused Jimin slithered into Yoongi's room. He wanted to surprise him.

He opened Yoongi's drawer to find lots of papers. They were all lyrics of some sort. Seemed important and personal.

Since Yoongi's room had a personal bathroom, Jimin went in examining everything in there. He found a ton of facial washes, and soaps of different brands.

Jimin came out and started digging inside inside Yoongi's wardrobe. He found some suits, shirts, boxers but something else caught his eyes.

There were dresses. Pretty and frilly dresses, Jimin couldn't resist them.

"I see you like the dresses." Yoongi says as he steps into the room, wearing a bathrobe, holding a wine glass in his hands. He shuts the door and walks towards Jimin, eyeing him carefully.

"Um, n-no, I was j-just looking at t-t-them." Jimin says, worried Yoongi might get pissed. He was after all digging in Yoongi's wardrobe.

Yoongi edges a little bit more closer to Jimin and whispers in his ear, "Wear one of them." Jimin smiled and mumbled a little 'thanks'. He grabbed one of the dresses, he wanted something bright and colourful but apparently Yoongi only had dark coloured clothes.

 He grabbed one of the dresses, he wanted something bright and colourful but apparently Yoongi only had dark coloured clothes

Jimin took the dress and walked into Yoongi's bathroom. Yoongi took a sip of his wine from his glass and sat on his bed. He put the glass on his nightstand. He looked around and opened one of the drawers, taking the papers in it as well.

All those papers were filled with the lyrics he wrote. Basically rap lyrics, he has always had the dream of becoming a rapper but his dreams were far out from his reach. He had to become the CEO of a company because it was a family run business. And no one can escape from a family run business, being the only child, he had to do it.

He flipped through the papers and found one of the songs he had wrote: 140503 at dawn. He had wrote this song back in 2014. According to the title it was obviously written at dawn, when he was having one of his breakdowns.

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