"It's for the best."

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Justin's POV

So right now I am sitting on the couch with Tara and I'm about to tell her I'm leaving for tour.

J: "Tara baby?"

T: "Yea Daddy?"

J: "Uh Daddy has to go away for a while."

T: "What?"

J: "I have to go on tour Hun."


I looked down sadly.

J: "Baby, you can't come."

T: "What?"

J: "You need to stay her a keep doing therapy."

T: "But, but I'll miss you!" 

Tara started to cry. I pulled her little body into my chest so I could comfort her. 

J: "Princess you can come and visit and I'll have breaks so I can see you."

T: "It's not the same!"

J: "We can skype and Facetime."

T: "NO!"

J: "Princess I'm sorry."


J: "Tara it's for the best!" I said raising my voice.

Tara then pushed me away and ran up the stairs. 

(20 minutes)

It's been 20 minutes and I'm trying to get Tara to come out of her room. I have to leave in 5 minutes to go to the bus that is waiting right outside of my door.

J: "Tara honey you need to come out. I don't wanna leave without saying goodbye."

Tara was silent.

Alfredo: "Bro come on, we gotta go!"

J: "I can't leave without saying goodbye!"

Alfredo: "Dude where going to be late!"

J: "Fine, I'm coming."

I then walked away from my little girls room and went to the bus. I looked back at the house. I looked up to Tara's room and saw her standing there with tears rolling down her cheeks. I blew her a kiss and she closed the curtain to the window. I sighed heavily and walked to the bus.  

As soon as I got on the bus I went to my room and started to cry. How could I just leave her? Why couldn't I take her with me? I kept asking myself questions. I then fell asleep. 

(3 weeks later) 

I was getting ready to go on stage when I got a call from Ariana.

J: "Hey baby."

A: "Justin, I have to tell you something."

J:"What is it?"

A: "I cheated, I cheated on you Justin. I'm so very sorry."

J: "What? Why? With who?"

A: "I cheated. I'm sorry, if I could I would take it back."

J: "No you woundn't, your not sorry."

A: "I know, Justin I love someone else."

J: "Who is he?"

A: "Nathan, I love him, not you. Justin I don't think I ever really loved you."

J: "I see, I hope you have a happy life with Nathan."

I then hung up the phone and went on stage. You know gotta fake that smile. 

(After the Show) 

After the show I went into a room and started to cry. I lost Ariana. She was never mine. And Tara. I haven't spoken to Tara in 3 weeks. I'm such a bad father. I grabbed a paper and pen and started to write. 

'Oh-oh, just as sure as the stars in the sky
I need you to show me the light
Not just for the meanwhile, for a long long time, better believe it'

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