The girl that fall in love with her best friend...

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Hi I'm Victoria..

This is going to be my first story..Or try to write one. 

And if there is any mistakes sorry about that. If you could comment and help me add things what would be awesome !! :) Hey , and I need a title. Help !! Thanks for reading !


Chapter One

"Get out of bed !! Your going to be late for school again !! "

That would be my 20 year old brother Adam yelling in my ear.  Then all of a sudden I feel hands on me, and then it feels like i'm flyingng though the air. 

BANG !!! Ouch! I think I just hit my wall...I opened one eye. Yup I'm not in my bed anymore, instead I'm across the room on the floor. And frig my whole body hurts now! 

"Adam you stupid boy! Now get out or I am going to be late!!!" 

Crap, I don't have time to shower. Guess my hair is going up. Throw on some jeans and a t-shirt. And run down stairs. 

"Good morning mom & dad. Don't have time to eat. Bye."

I run up to my best friends door.

"Jesse, hurry up!! We are going to be late again!!" 

"I'm coming!" Yelled my best friend.

We have been best friends since we were born. We have the same birthday and everything. And our moms are best friends. 

"Well stop standing there and get your head out of the clouds and let's go already."

"I'm coming!." Got to remember to stop doing that. Soomeday i'm going to hurt myself. 

"How's the boyfriend?" I forgot to say I had a wonderful boyfriend named Peter. He is a football player and I have been dating him for 5 months. He is the love of my life. But I don't think Jesse likes him too much. But he still asks how he is because that's what best friends do. They suck it up.

"He is amazingly wonderful. He did the most sweetest thing last night."

"What did he do? By the way, we need to walk faster if we want to get there before first bell."

 "Okay. He came over and brought me flowers and they were roses. They smell so nice!!" 

See here is the thing. We live close enough to walk. But we have to leave because it's 15 minute walk. I cannot wait to get my own car. Then I will never be late again. 

"Earth to Annbelle, are you there?" Jesse waving his name in my face.

"Yes, sorry. You were saying?" 

"Never mind. Ill tell you when we get home."

"No tell me now!"

I grab his hand, and I felt tingles go up my arm...What the heck?


Well what do you think? I know it was short. But it's late here. And It was my first draft. So give my feedback please and thank you!

I hope you all are having wonderful nights/days :) 

Peace out :)<3 

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